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Version 1.6 build 15 (2011-12-25) Bug fixes: - Find Brace (Ctrl+[) and brace highlighting cause an exception under some conditions - DDL reengineering and Object Viewer show zero column size for RAW type - Fixed some typos in messages Version 1.6 build 14 (2011-11-27) Bug fixes: - brace highlighting is wrong if the context is horizontally scrolled. - define/undefine can be erroneously executed while "Execute Current" is searching for the beginning of the current statement. The substitution variables can be changed as the result. Version 1.6 build 12 (2011-11-20) Major improvements: - "Execute Current" is smarter now, you do not need to place the cursor on the first line of a statement before execution. It finds the beginning of the the statement based script syntax rules (statements have to be separated by ';' and '/' for PL/SQL stuff). If you like old TOAD style execution then it is supported too (check "Execute Current Alt"). The new settings page allows change default behavior for these 2 commands. - Bulk execution commands "Execute" and "Execute from "Cursor position" have "Halt Execution On Error" option. That works like in SQLTools++ but it first shows an error and then asks if you want to cancel or continue script execution. - Additionally single statement execution commands can highlight and automatically show the beginning and end of the current statement. - the editor does not have 64K line limitation, now it can handle 2GB lines in theory. - Added highlighting for matching brace, two color properties "Highlighting" and "Error Highlighting". Taken from sqltools++ but it was altered. - "Object Viewer" is able to show package/type functions and procedures, parameters for stand alone functions and procedures, "references" tables for tables (the old "referenced tables" node was renamed to "referenced by") - "Object Viewer" behavior was changed slightly. If a found object is a package or type then its specification is automatically displayed (the old implementation wants user to select one of them). - Table and view columns can be sorted alphabetically. "Object Viewer" gets its own property page in Settings. - Highlighting for user objects. Objects are selected by the current schema rather then user. Quoted identifiers are not supported. "Refresh object cache" command was added under "Session" menu. - The program can connect to a database that is mount but not open. The same should apply to ASM instance. The feature was taken from SQLTools++. - "File Manager" has basic integration with Windows context menu that allows access to TortoiseSVN / CVS commands using the application menu - "File Manager" allows to execute/rename/delete files and folders - "File Manager" file type filter is finally implemented - "File Manager" shows file/folder information in tooltips - "File Manager" settings page has been added to control new features See History.txt for more information
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