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Read more about 1.7 in the forum http://www.sqltools.net/cgi-bin/yabb25/YaBB.pl?num=1316484769 Version 1.7 build 24 (2014-05-19) Improvements: Bug fixes: -Autocomplete for package procedures does not work Version 1.7 build 23 (2014-05-18) Improvements: - ObjectViewer is finalized, hopefully I will need only to add new stuff as partition/subpartition info - Addded "Load DDL with Dbms_Metadata", the shortcut is Alt+F12 Bug fixes: Version 1.7 build 21 (2014-05-12) Improvements: - New ObjectViewer look, tree lines have been sacrificed in favor of colunm formatted datatypes. Bug fixes: - cannot load index DDL form ObjectViewr Version 1.7 build 20 (2014-05-12) Improvements: - Removed RULE hint from DDL reverse engineering for server versions >= 10g Bug fixes: Version 1.7 build 19 (2014-05-11) Improvements: - Autocomplete (objects, table column / package procedures) Bug fixes: - template changes are not available for already open files - read-only connection does not allow explain plan - commit command is not disabled in read-only mode - read-only connection asks about commit/rollback on close Version 1.7 build 16 (2014-04-27) Improvements: - Implemented REFCURSOR and DATE bind variables. The last one is not supported by Oracle SQL*PLus, Bug fixes: Version 1.7 build 15 (2014-04-20) Improvements: - ObjectViewer has been re-implemented (drag-drop has been improved) Bug fixes: - suppressed unnecessary object name cache reload (for editor highlighting) on any setting change anymore. - Win7 compatibility issue with multi item selection in ObjectViewer
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