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This is a base.vdi image to place into [installdir]/Drives directory on a speedLinux installation, in combination with coLinux Kernel. Samba is NOT installed jet. Use cofs in the first place, until you have set-up samba. After starting LINUX. run 'apt-get update && apt-get upgrade' as root to be up to date. It is a Ububtu 12.04 precise Develop version. -------------- Download the files yourself the installer cant download and exract it for you. You may place this file yourself into the sub-folder Drives on your speedlinux instillation directory, but you must extract the 7z paced file first. Command line extractor 7za.exe can be found within speedlinux install directory. Change into this directory and execute the following command line: '7za.exe x [Zipfilename] -o .\Drives -aot' You my also install http://www.7-zip.org/ first and use the windows program for this.
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