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v1.8.0 2013-01-02 11 weekly downloads
v1.7.0 2012-01-01 22 weekly downloads
v1.6.0 2011-09-20 22 weekly downloads
v1.5.0 2011-07-06 22 weekly downloads
v1.4.1 2011-04-23 22 weekly downloads
v1.4.0 2011-01-30 11 weekly downloads
v1.3.2 2010-12-11 11 weekly downloads
v1.3.1 2010-11-12 0
v1.3.0 2010-10-24 0
v1.2.1 2010-10-16 0
v1.2.0 2010-09-17 11 weekly downloads
ReadMe.txt 2013-01-02 6.3 kB 11 weekly downloads
Release Notes for Select-o-Magic 3000 http://som3000.sourceforge.net/ *) 2013-01-02 v1.8.0 *) New Features: *) Added Smart Playlists. *) File scans now offer the option to view the scan log. *) Improved online help. *) We now have (crude) *nix autoconfig support. See autogen.sh for a bit more info. *) Code Changes *) Split the database scan code and created audiotags_lib.c for re-use in other projects. *) Note: *) This will probably be the last release based on GTK+ v2 *) 2012-01-01 v1.7.0 *) New Features: *) Improved user feedback while loading saved criteria, criteria selection, and during the audio file scan. *) Criteria selections are now saved before, and restored after, audio file scans. *) All criteria descriptors have been extended from 47 to 63 characters. To get the wider descriptions it will be necessary to delete the database and re-scan all audio files. *) Bug fix: *) We now correctly restore the previous criteria selections when starting the program. *) 2011-09-20 v1.6.0 *) New Feature: *) Added progress bar during audio file count. This is due to XFS directory scans taking significantly longer than on other file systems (ie: ext3, ext4) *) Bug fix: *) Workaround for XFS readdir() failure to correctly set dirent->d_type. *) 2011-07-06 v1.5.0 *) New Features: *) We now remember the current Criteria selections when the program exits. *) The user may now select between default icons and Gnome theme icons. *) Bug fix: *) Workaround for .m3u bug in Audacious 2.5.1 and above. *) 2011-04-22 v1.4.1 *) Bug fix: *) Fixed hashing bug that under rare circumstances could cause the program to exit when modifying saved criteria selections. *) Minor tweaks: *) Guayadeque and UMPlayer added to the list of compatible audio players. *) Code Changes: *) Eliminated bugOut() and modified BUGOUT() macro. *) 2011-01-30 v1.4.0 *) New Features: *) Criteria selections can be saved to disk for re-use. *) M4a/AAC audio files are now supported. *) "Key" tags are now available as criteria for MP3 and M4a files. *) A "Help" button with online help is now available. *) Minor tweaks: *) DeaDBeeF and Clementine added to the list of compatible players. *) Improved web site with better help and documentation. *) Code Changes: *) Factored out tree list code for re-use elsewhere. Code moved to new files: treelist_lib.[ch] *) 2010-12-11 v1.3.2 *) Minor tweaks: *) New, improved, "Make Playlist" button. *) We now remember the window size on exit. *) 2010-11-12 v1.3.1 *) Minor tweaks: *) We now display the number of audio files available for selection as part of the "Make Playlist" button. *) SoM-3000 always starts in the center of the desktop. *) "About" dialog is now centered on the main window. *) 2010-10-24 v1.3.0 *) New Feature: *) Play lists may now be sent directly to a media player as well as saved to disk. *) Configuration now has an over-rideable drop down menu to select the preferred media player. *) 2010-10-16 v1.2.1 *) Bug fixes: *) GTK+ v2.20.1 has fixed gtk_file_chooser_set_current_folder() so we can now remember the last file folder scanned. *) We now correctly identify genres that start with a numeric digit. ie: "60's Rock" *) Remembered file names and folder paths with spaces are now handled correctly. *) 2010-09-16 v1.2.0 *) New Features: *) Ogg Vorbis and FLAC audio files are now supported. *) 2010-09-12 v1.1.1 *) Bug fixes: *) Fixed memory leak causing program to hang after some criteria config changes. *) 2010-09-07 v1.1.0 *) New Features: *) ID3v2 tags "BPM" (Beats Per Minute) and "Mood" have been added as selectable criteria. "Mood" is poorly supported by most MP3 tag file editors and is considered alpha, because I have no files tagged as such to test with. BPM is also poorly supported, but I have found one free (as in beer) software tool that can automatically detect BPM and update the tag info. Sadly, it's a MS-Win program, but runs fine under virtualized Win-XP, and reportedly also runs under Wine. http://www.pistonsoft.com/bpm-detector.html *) The criteria is now fully configurable allowing the user to select which criteria and in what sequence they are used. "Make Playlist" now remembers the last number of files saved, the folder where the playlist was saved, and the playlist file name. I tried to do the same thing for the "Scan Audio Files" folder selection, but the GTK folder selection dialog for v2.18.3 is broken. *) Code Changes There were many global variables and arrays making things a bit muddled. These have been reduced to a couple of data structs and a few inconsequential variables and const arrays. I've also re-organized and broken the source code up into many smaller files. Each GTK button pretty much has it's callback function in it's own source file. The callback function source files all start with "cb" (ie: "cbabout.c") *) 2010-08-09 v1.0.0 *) First release. *) Version Numbering: *) I use a Major.Minor.Revision scheme where: *) Major - Significant source code re-write. *) Minor - New features and/or changes to the ui or source code. *) Revision - Bug fixes and/or minor tweaks to the ui. As always, feedback is appreciated. L.N. Reed LNReed-at-Lightning-Rose.com
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