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Solarex is a space exploration game. You start in a stellar system of the inhabited zone, with no freight, a little money and, of course, your ship. You can become a trader, prospector or explorer, or all of them a little bit. To run Solarex, just download the solarex-0_31.jar. If you have Java 6 or newer installed, a double click on the jar file should start Solarex. If this doesn't work, please check the Wiki: http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/solarex/index.php?title=Main_Page At the moment there are no real ship upgrades available yet, and many other functions are also only rudimentarily implemented. Changes in 0.31 since 0.30 -------------------------- - Ship equiment shops in space stations and space ports - Payload of the ship is now shared between cargo and equipment - XML style save games - Hyperjumps only possible if drive range is larger than the distance. - Radio links to space stations and space ports are now distinguished better from being docked there. - Unfortunately the saved games from 0.30 won't load in 0.31 The solarex-trunk-v0_31.tar.gz archive contains the sources and images for this release.
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