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An optimised solver for Sokoban (aka. Boxworld). The solver provides a graphical interface to edit levels and display their solutions.

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  • duisendpoot
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    You can place the man on a box position. I've created a zip file containing all the source, so you can download everything in one file. Look under the "files" section for At some stage I will convert the solver to C# .NET. I won't add further features to the C++ source project. The source will always be open.

    Posted 10/23/2013
  • bervalenator
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    Dear Sirs! This is the best/faster I could found out as open source, but a bit criticism anyway: 1. I couldn't found out possibility to place player (men) on box (b) position - it's a common mistake for that type sokoban solving algorithms bur very often levels designers used; 2. the UI dosn't show out larger maps as hasn't sliders, so see and try for example this map: 19 11 WWWWW W W W W WWW WbWW W W WWW WbWW W WWWWWW W W WW WWWWW XW W b b XXW WWWWW WWW WmWW XW W WWWWWWWWW WWWWWWW 3. try solve this map! It is possible if defined max moves will be 135, but not possible if defined is 136, 137. If more, the program falls in Debug mode or exit without any message to user at least on my Pentium 3000 with 1GB RAM. I think, it's too heavy used recursions, will look it more; 4. The app. does not return the solving coded in any usable form, only we can look frames by frames using only mouse - it means catch the idea, but do not get the result. So, the best a while but not ideal as alfa only + weak tested. Anyway, I will write the same to author and ask for support, then will see more... Sincerely yours, Valdis B.

    Posted 10/23/2013
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