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snaRSS 2.0 © 2011 full phat products snaRSS is a Snarl-compatible RSS reader. License Information - Please Read snaRSS is Open Source, licensed under the Simplified BSD Licence (a copy of which can be found at http://www.opensource.org/licenses/bsd-license.php). Selected Changes In 2.0 • Improved user interface; • Intelligently strips HTML tags from item descriptions; • Supports password protection (requires Snarl R2.5 or later); Basic Operation To launch... • Select Start -> Programs -> full phat products -> snaRSS -> Launch snaRSS To quit... • Use the Quit option from within Snarl (requires Snarl R2.5 or later); - or - • Select Start -> Programs -> full phat products -> snaRSS -> Quit snaRSS Advanced Features Debug Mode To enable debug mode, run ‘snaRSS.exe –debug’ from a command prompt. With debug mode enabled, snaRSS will display a window showing output. Note that snaRSS will create a debug log file irrespective of whether debug mode is enabled or not, this file can be found in your application data folder called snaRSS.log. Limitations Supported Feed Types Currently only RSS 1.0 and 2.0 feeds are supported, support for additional feed types (such as Atoms) will added over time. snaRSS © 2011 full phat Products www.fullphat.net
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