Post Windows 2008, snarelite is unsupported - use Snare Enterprise

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Please note: To meet compliance with strong encryption, reliable delivery, store forward caching and Enterprise quality and support, use Snare Enterprise Agents: https://www.intersectalliance.com/

About snarelite open source project: A series of basic log collection agents that facilitate centralized analysis of audit log data. Available for Linux, Windows, Solaris, IIS, Lotus Notes, Irix, AIX, ISA/IIS.

Attention - need to know regarding compliance and audits
With changes to Windows 2008, snarelite will not meet compliance or auditing standards, such as PCI, HIPAA, SOX,FISMA. It is unsupported and may not capture more than half of your critical custom Event Logs.

snarelite was created as a consulting tool for SIEM security 20 years ago. This first version spawned the Snare Enterprise Agents, which are fully supported and used by Fortune 500 companies and major government institutions. For the ultimate in logging, use Snare Enterprise agents.


  • Very basic logging (pre-Windows 2008)
  • Non compliant for audits
  • Simple Open Source project



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Symtrex Inc

Symtrex Inc

Symtrex Inc., a partner with Intersect Alliance since 2004, provides in-depth knowledge of the SNARE Toolset, primary and secondary support local in North America, as well as detailed understanding of how the SNARE System can be utilized to facilitate NISPOM, DCID STIG, PCI DSS, HIPAA, NERC compliance requirements. The SNARE System can be purchased as either a perpetual or as a subscription based license model, depending on your budget. Product updates are provided via a secure client area, which includes a knowledge base area providing tips and tricks, how-to's and configuration documents for SNARE.

Snare Alliance

Snare Alliance

SNARE Alliance offers fast and cost effective ways to learn about and purchase SNARE software and support. SNARE software purchased through SNARE Alliance includes an annual maintenance agreement and customer service support for the SNARE Server and SNARE Enterprise Agents. SNARE Alliance is backed by product licensing, software maintenance and second level technical support from Intersect Alliance, the author and architect of SNARE. The SNARE Software is supplied as a perpetual software license with pricing based on the number of copies. We don’t charge you based on how many events you filter, forward, collect, store, query or analyze – we just make sure you get them.