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SmartSlog is a multilingual ontology library generator for the Smart-M3 platform (http://sourceforge.net/projects/smart-m3/). The generator maps an OWL ontology description to final code (ontology library). Recent version supports ontology libraries for ANSI C and .Net(C#). The library provides API for programming Smart-M3 knowledge processors (KP or agents) in high-level terms of ontology entities (classes, properties, individuals) instead of low-level triplet-based terms From KP programmer's point of view: Given an ontology description, SmartSlog provides the corresponding ontology library that implements data structures for representing in a KP program the ontology classes, relations, properties, and individuals as well as generic API for communicating with a Smart-M3 Semantic Information Broker (SIB). A SmartSlog ontology library is between KP application and a low-level library (KP Interface, KPI). The latter directly accesses a Smart-M3 SIB using SSAP protocol. Currently, SmartSlog uses KPI_low and C KPI, which are oriented to small embedded devices. KPI_Low is available at http://sourceforge.net/projects/kpilow/. SmartSlog consists of an ontology-to-code generator (SmartSlogCodeGen) and KP libraries (SmartSlogKPlib). The latter includes versions for different programming languages, so you can select an appropriate one for you KP. Currently, ANSI C and C# are supported. 1. SmartSlogCodeGen: A java-based generator of ontology-aware part of the library. By a given ontology in OWL, the corresponding ANSI C or C# code is generated. The generator is installed in any Java environment using maven (http://maven.apache.org/). 2. SmartSlogKPlib_ANSI-C: An ontology-unaware part of the library for ANSI C. This library and its dependencies can be installed as .a and .so libraries in a Linux environment. The code should be also compatible with a standard C++ complier and Qt/C++ application code development. Releases contains demos. You can find them in the appropriate folder of release archive. 3. SmartSlogKPlib_NET: An ontology-unaware part of the library for .Net(C#). It can be installed in a Windows environment by copying files to an appropriate folder and adding dependencies to the C# project of your KP. Additional libraries are linked as DLLs. Releases contains demos. You can find them in the appropriate folder of release archive. 4. ANSI-C_KPI: Low-level developing tool for creating KP for Smart-M3 platform. It based on KPI_Low (http://sourceforge.net/projects/kpilow/) and supports SPARQL-queries. Releases contains demos. You can find them in the appropriate folder of release archive. 5. "obsolete" folder contains old versions of the Smartslog, generatoe and demos. They are no longer supported. See README and INSTALL files in the corresponding directories for more information. The project is done by FRUCT Lab at the IT-park of Petrozavodsk State University (PetrSU), Russia. The development started in 2009. Since 2012 the project is a part of grant KA179 "Complex development of regional cooperation in the field of open ICT innovations" within Karelia ENPI programme co-funded by the European Union, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland. Project owner: Sergey I. Balandin, PhD, Adjunct Professor, General Chair Open Innovations Program FRUCT. Head of PetrSU FRUCT Lab: Iurii A. Bogoiavlenskii, PhD, Head of Department of Computer Science, PetrSU. Adviser and project leader: Dmitry G. Korzun, PhD, Adjunct Professor. Developers: Alexandr A. Lomov (2009), Pavel I. Vanag (2009), Sergey Marchenkov (2011) Mail-list: smartslog@cs.karelia.ru
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