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[Intro] SmartFind is a lightweight command line application designed to enable you to search for strings in files. It is written in Visual Basic.NET. [Version] 1.2 - Dec. 22 2011 - Support Regular Expression and Big Files 1.1 - Oct. 18 2011 - First Open Source Release [Licensing] SmartFind are licensed under the GNU GPL version 2. [Dependencies] SmartFind and friends were written in VB.NET so they require the .NET 2.0 framework. [To Do] More code comments Improve Logging Configuration file More operations to files much more... [Installation] Copy file SmartFind.exe to a directory, run it from a command prompt, or include in a batch file. [Running] SmartFind can run as a console application. Command line usage as follows: smartfind [FILES] [SEARCH] [OPTIONS] FILES Files (example *.log) in current dir and subdirs OR -F=File Dictionary (Full path) SEARCH Text to Search OR -F=File Dictionary (Full path) OPTIONS: -D Delete match files -L Log (-L=PathFileLog) -B Big Files over 2 Mb, value MB (-B=10 up to 10Mb [Example] Search string "error found" in *.log files smartfind *.log "error found" Search string "error found" in *.log files and delete match files smartfind *.log "error found" -D Search string "error found" in *.log files, delete match files and write to log file in path C:\temp (filename smartdfind_yyyymmdd.log) smartfind *.log "error found" -D -L=c:\temp Mini Antispam for Mailenable Mail Server, search bad words listed in MEFILTER-GENERAL.txt file delete match files and write to log file in path C:\temp (filename smartdfind_yyyymmdd.log) cd "c:\mail enable\postoffices" smartfind *.mai -F=C:\MailEnable\Config\Filters\Patterns\MEFILTER-GENERAL.txt -D -L=c:\ [Upgrading] Copy the binaries from the release archive to the directory where SmartFind.exe resides. [Author] FRANCESCO TACCONI - IT CONSULTANT & WEB DEVELOPER Web site: http://www.francescotacconi.it Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/francesco.tacconi Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/tacconif Google+: https://profiles.google.com/u/0/101915529849401969843 Viadeo: http://www.viadeo.com/it/profile/francesco.tacconi Sourceforge: https://sourceforge.net/users/tacconif JoomlaCode: http://forge.joomla.org/gf/user/fratac Twitter: http://twitter.com/fratac Skype: tacconif
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