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=========== SimpleAiBot read me =========== Description: SimpleAiBot is created for educational purposes but it can grow out to something much bigger, however still educational. This project exists so other people can actually look at the code of a working chat bot and learn from it or even improve SimpleAiBot! If you're looking for this: this is it! Also don't hesitate to join and improve SimpleAiBot, better make your changes public and usable to everyone then experimenting on your own. Version log: 0.0.0: Main loop + input 0.1.0: Load data file + other initialization 0.2.0: Interpreter for data file done. 0.2.1: User input interpreter done + fault tollerance 0.3.0: Improved fault tollerance + improved interpreters 0.4.0: Added terminal functions 1.0.0: Total code cleanup + Made installer Todo: * Language translations * Porting to other platforms - Windows - Linux * Make reasoning possible * Implementing variables
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