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**** INTRO The command-line utility implementing a key-value map, which is shared between UNIX processes. The utility provides synchronized access to the shared data via command-line interface including basic key-based operations, bulk load and sorted output. **** PACKAGE GUIDE ./doc All documentation on this version of utility ./Makefile See BUILD INSTRUCTIONS below ./src/shmmap The source file used to build the utility ./src/shmmap.test The test script used to validate the utility ./Version.txt Current version of this utility **** BUILD INSTRUCTIONS 1. Copy downloaded archive to temporary dir 2. Untar the package as: tar -xf <downloaded_file> 3. To produce binaries, do: make all 4. To validate the build and install 'shmmap' utility, do: make install 5. To see extended usage instructions, run: shmmap ? 6. To remove installed utility, do: make uninstall **** USING SHARED MAP API In order to access programmatic Shared Map API, include "SharedMap.h" into your source file Compile "SharedMap.c" and link it to your executable **** YOU SEE THE BUG OR NEED A FEATURE I'm pleased to support you and make this utility better. To register your feedback, please, visit the project support page: https://sourceforge.net/projects/shmmap/support
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