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Scrolling Game Development Kit 2.1.8 Release Notes

Changes between version 2.1.7 and 2.1.8

  1. Improve LimitFrameRate function to be more accurate while still yielding some CPU time.
  2. Implement minimum value for counters.
  3. Sort all objects by name in the UI where appropriate.
  4. Don't try to delete frame when textbox has focus and pressing delete key on frameset editor.
  5. Display a better error when attempting to preview an animated sprite or tile without any frames.
  6. Add "SelectTargetSpriteFor" function and other functions ending with "For" to enhance existing selected target sprite functions so that any number of target sprites may be simultaneously selected for different global target/operation names.
  7. Add "GetSelectedTargetFor" function to retrieve the currently selected target sprite.
  8. Add GetTargetParameterFor function to allow other sprites' parameter values to be retrieved.
  9. Add DeactivateTargetSpriteFor to allow a target sprite to be deactivated.
  10. Add IsSpriteForTargetOfType to determine if the selected target sprite is of a specific type.
  11. When loading a saved game, initialize sprite types that are active that aren't active in a new game.
Source: README.md, updated 2011-02-04