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SENSEN [SENSible/Epidiptic Network] brief information sheet ----------------------------------------------------------- What's this mess? SENSEN is a system built for 02L - Outside Standing Level, hosted at Umbria Jazz 2002, Perugia (Italy). The primary use of this suite of codes, schematics and notes, was to create an installation with sensible infrared devices, whose feedbacks could be used to create music, audio and pyro effects. The reason of this public repack is to give anyone a didattical view of the problematics solved in this work. 02L site: http://www.02l.net Info: 02l@02l.net SENSEN is composed of four packages: 1. SSCTRL 2. XSSCLIENT 3a. ARM 3b. CEREBRO ** 1: SSCTRL This package holds: . Technical sheets about SENSEN protocol . Schematics and notes of SENSEN to RS232 interface . SSCTRL software: a daemon which simplifies SENSEN operations . SSCTRL command reference With this package you can start to build the Master node of SENSEN and build a TCP gateway to communicate with the network ** 2: XSSCLIENT This package is an example of what SENSEN was built for. It holds a GUI interface which connects to SSCTRL to handle SENSEN data flow and uses Kai Vehmanen's ECASound to get the system acts as a big effect synthesizer. In this package uou can find: . ECASound patch . The GUI . An ECASound control object . Examples of implementation of the system ** 3: ARM / CEREBRO These two packages hold schematics and C-coded PIC firmware for the two types of slave nodes of SENSEN. You need CCS PCM C compiler to compile that sources or contact me for a compiled HEX file. Marco Fagiolini / 02L xi@inetware.it
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