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Examine your file collection: what's backed up; disk usage.

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Editing drive letter breaks your listing file in 198. SourceForge bug on uploading a new version: ticket

The main purpose of Double File is to allow you to pack up your drive and go: transition from one computer to another; or put a new drive or operating system in. Copy the files you use then let the rest just sit in storage. Drive capacities and speeds are increasing. This drive has nothing better to do than serve as backup; to maintain environment state. Plug it back in and be right where you were when you left it. But wait - what's actually on those drives, and are they backed up? Out of sight, out of mind: that's where Double File comes in. Catalog them, then have them curated for you on your current setup as they sit in storage: safe from transitional hazards. Plan well, then act: reuse the drives after making a plan.

Listings can be searched when volumes are off site. Can read any volume mounted in Windows Explorer, including Linux and Mac volumes. Supports long path names

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  • Correlate matching folders on multiple drives
  • Examine disk usage
  • Browse contents of offsite volumes
  • Support long file paths with more than 260 characters
  • Cross-platform filesystems if mounted with drivers in Windows eg: Linux, Mac OS X
  • Highly optimized runtime performance


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  • karinaop1
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    Interesting tool!! Other than this, One of the interesting tools that I found recently is DuplicateFilesDeleter.To keep your computer performance better, delete your all duplicate file by using the utility program from DuplicateFilesDeleter. it works fast.

    Posted 03/13/2015
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