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l i b S B M L 4.3.1 LibSBML is a free, open-source programming library to help you read, write, manipulate, translate, and validate SBML files and data streams. It is not an application itself (though it does come with example programs), but rather a library you can embed in your own applications. This is the top-level directory of the libSBML 4.3.1 release. Here you will find the following: Mac OS X -- folder of binary installers for Mac OS X systems Windows -- folder of binary installers for Microsoft Windows systems Linux -- folder of binary installers for Linux systems libSBML-4.3.1-src.zip \ source code (only), zip archive libSBML-4.3.1-src.tar.gz / source code (only), gzip'ed tar archive libSBML-4.3.1-docs.zip \ formatted documentation (only) -- see libSBML-4.3.1-docs.tar.gz / important note below (Note about the documentation archives: after downloading an archive, make sure to unzip/untar it before opening docs/index.html. If you simply browse the compressed archive [e.g., using Windows Explorer], the links inside index.html will not work.) For more information about libSBML, please visit the libSBML website at http://sbml.org/Software/libSBML Thank you for your interest in libSBML! The LibSBML Team. .-://///:` .:/+++++/-` .--. `---` `-- -/++//:---:.`://+syyyssoo+` ohhy` /hhh. -hy` `/++/-` ::/ohhyyssssoss- ohhh+ .yhhh. .hy` :++/. `:::sysoo+++++oss. ohoyh- `ohoyh. .hy` ++//` `--:/oo+///://+os: oh//hs` :hs.yh. .hy` /+//. `..--:////:--:/oos. oh/`sh/ `yh-`yh. .hy` `////:-.......---::://///++oo- oh/ -hy. +h+ `yh. .hy` .:///:::::--::::://///++oo: oh/ +hs -hy` `yh. .hy` `::-``..--::::::://osyyysoooo. oh/ `yh: `sh: `yh. .hy` :o+/` .:////oyhyyyyyyssss` oh/ :hy` /ho` `yh. .hy` /oo/ .///oyysoo+++oosyy- oh/ oho .hh. `yh. .hy` .sso: `+++oso+//////syyy` oh/ .hh-oh/ `yh. .hy` :sss+-` ./oooooo//:::+syyy. oh/ /hhhs` `yh. -hy` `/syssooossssssssssssyyyy/` oh/ shh- `yh. -hhooooooooooo `-/+oso+/-.-:/osyyso/-` -:. .:- `--` `:::::::::::::
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