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changes in sbcl-1.1.9 relative to sbcl-1.1.8: * new feature: the contrib SB-GMP links with libgmp at runtime to speed up arithmetic on bignums and ratios. (contributed by Stephan Frank) * enhancement: disassemble now annotates some previously missing static functions, like LENGTH. * enhancement: clean.sh now also cleans doc/internals. * enhancement: SB-EXT:PRINT-SYMBOL-WITH-PREFIX can be used within ~// to print a symbol with a package prefix. * enhancement: The debugger and backtracing are more robust against buggy PRINT-OBJECT methods. * optimization: calls to static functions on x86-64 use less instructions. * optimization: compute encode-universal-time at compile time when possible. * optimization: when referencing internal functions as #'x, don't go through an indirect fdefn structure. * optimization: SLEEP doesn't cons on non-immediate floats and on ratios. * optimization: (mod fixnum) type-checks are performed using one unsigned comparison, instead of two. * optimization: enable more modular arithmetic transforms in the presence of conditionals. * optimization: bitwise OR forms can now trigger modular arithmetic as well, when the result is known to be negative. * optimization: recognize more cases of useless LOGAND/LOGIOR with constants. * optimization: comparisons between rationals and constant floats or between integers and constant ratios are now converted to rationals/integers at compile time. * optimization: Smaller and faster DOUBLE-FLOAT-LOW-BITS on x86-64. * bug fix: problems with NCONC type derivation (reported by Jerry James). * bug fix: EXPT type derivation no longer constructs bogus floating-point types. (reported by Vsevolod Dyomkin) * bug fix: sb-bsd-sockets has correct declaration of the canonname field of addrinfo. (lp#1187041, patch by Jerry James) * bug fix: uninitialized type-error conditions can now be printed. (lp#1184586) * bug fix: tests for sb-bsd-sockets no longer use a predefined port for listening, allowing several tests to run in parallel. * bug fix: during disassembly to *COMPILER-TRACE-OUTPUT* instruction prefixes as used on x86 and x86-64 no longer sometimes print incorrectly. (lp#1085729) * bug fix: Specialised SIMD-PACK types can be negated. * bug fix: Modular arithmetic is more robust. (incidentally fixes another bug reported by Eric Marsden) * bug fix: FP return values from foreign calls are always rounded to single or double float precision on x87. * bug fix: Known-safe vector access on x86oids should not fail spuriously when the index is of the form (+ x constant-positive-integer). * bug fix: Remove GPL-licensed files from source distribution. (lp#1185668) * bug fix: backtrace printer no longer tries to create very large lists when the arg-count register is clobberred by other code. (lp#1192929) * bug fix: x86 should never signal an FP exception while boxing an FP value, a situation that lands us into ldb.
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