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sbcl-1.1.14-x86-64-openbsd54-binary.tar.bz2 2013-12-09 8.9 MB 33 weekly downloads
sbcl-1.1.14-powerpc-openbsd54-binary.tar.bz2 2013-12-09 8.3 MB 11 weekly downloads
sbcl-1.1.14-x86-openbsd54-binary.tar.bz2 2013-12-09 8.9 MB 11 weekly downloads
README 2013-11-30 1.6 kB 11 weekly downloads
sbcl-1.1.14-documentation-html.tar.bz2 2013-11-30 188.8 kB 22 weekly downloads
sbcl-1.1.14-release-notes.txt 2013-11-30 1.6 kB 11 weekly downloads
sbcl-1.1.14-source.tar.bz2 2013-11-30 4.2 MB 11 weekly downloads
sbcl-1.1.14-x86-64-linux-binary.tar.bz2 2013-11-30 9.0 MB 107107 weekly downloads
sbcl-1.1.14-crhodes.asc 2013-11-30 600 Bytes 11 weekly downloads
changes in sbcl-1.1.14 relative to sbcl-1.1.13: * optimization: complicated TYPEP tests are less opaque to the type propagation pass. (lp#1229340) * optimization: [N]BUTLAST perform a single pass over the list. (lp#1245697) * optimization: EQUALP on structures with raw slots (double-float/complex) no longer conses and is faster. * optimization: RESTART-CASE expands to more compact code. Thanks to Jan Moringen. (lp#1249055) * enhancement: Top-level defmethod without defgeneric no longer causes undefined-function warnings in subsequent forms. (lp#503095) * enhancement: Better error messages for system errors on Windows. * enhancement: run-sbcl.sh is usefully handled by rlwrap. Thanks to William Cushing. (lp#1249183) * enhancement: new function SB-EXT:ASSERT-VERSION->= accepts a version specification (multiple integer arguments) and signals a continuable error if the current SBCL version is lower (older) than the specification. (lp#674372) * enhancement: better ARRAY-RANK result derivation. (lp#1252108) * bug fix: EQUALP now compares correctly structures with raw slots larger than a single word. * bug fix: contribs couldn't be built on Windows with MinGW. * bug fix: Better pathname handling on Windows. (lp#922117) * bug fix: OPEN reports a more meaningful error when an existing file is opened for output with :if-exists :new-version. Thanks to Philip Munksgaard. (lp#455381) * bug fix: DEFSTRUCTs with NIL as a slot name no longer cause strange CLOS-related errors. (lp#633911) * bug fix: GC deadlocks caused by concurrent consing on Windows.
Source: README, updated 2013-11-30