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changes in sbcl-1.1.13 relative to sbcl-1.1.12: * optimization: better distribution of SXHASH over small conses of related values. (lp#309443) * other improvements to SXHASH: ** use the whole of the positive-fixnum range for SXHASH of fixnums * enhancement: The error message when calling an undefined alien function includes the name of the function on x86-64. * enhancement: sb-ext:run-program now supports :environment on Windows. * enhancement: ASDF is no longer required to load contribs at runtime. (lp#1132254) * enhancement: when called with a symbol, FIND-RESTART no longer calls COMPUTE-RESTARTS, making it faster and cons less (lp#769615) * enhancement: FIND-RESTART and COMPUTE-RESTARTS handle huge restart clusters better in some cases * enhancement: SOME/ANY/other quantification higher-order functions no longer cons. (lp#1070635) * bug fix: forward references to classes in fasls can now be loaded. (lp#746132) * bug fix: don't warn on a interpreted->compiled function redefinition from the same location. (patch by Douglas Katzman, lp#1042405) * bug fix: Create vectors of proper internal length when reading literal vectors from FASLs. (Reported by Jan Moringen) * bug fix: COMPILE can now succefully compile setf functions. (Reported by Douglas Katzman) * bug fix: run-program performs more correct escaping of arguments on Windows. (lp#1239242) * bug fix: function-lambda-expression on generic functions returns the actual name. * bug fix: (the [type] [constant]) now warns when [constant] matches [type] except for the number of values. (Reported by Nathan Trapuzzano on sbcl-help) * bug fix: signal errors in required cases of slot-definition initialization protocol. (lp#309072) * bug fix: run-sbcl.sh works better in the presence of symlinks on OS X. (thanks to Stelian Ionescu, lp#1242643) * bug fix: when given a restart object, FIND-RESTART checks whether the restart is active and, when a condition is supplied, whether the restart is associated to a different condition (lp#774410)
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