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sbcl-1.0.48-x86-experimentalthreads-solaris-binary.tar.bz2.asc 2011-05-09 195 Bytes 11 weekly downloads
sbcl-1.0.48-x86-experimentalthreads-solaris-binary.tar.bz2 2011-05-09 8.9 MB 11 weekly downloads
sbcl-1.0.48-x86-experimentalthreads-darwin-binary.tar.bz2.asc 2011-05-09 195 Bytes 11 weekly downloads
sbcl-1.0.48-x86-experimentalthreads-darwin-binary.tar.bz2 2011-05-09 8.9 MB 11 weekly downloads
sbcl-1.0.48-x86-64-experimentalthreads-darwin-binary.tar.bz2.asc 2011-05-09 195 Bytes 11 weekly downloads
sbcl-1.0.48-x86-64-experimentalthreads-darwin-binary.tar.bz2 2011-05-09 8.8 MB 11 weekly downloads
changes in sbcl-1.0.48 relative to sbcl-1.0.47: * incompatible change: SB!KERNEL:INSTANCE-LAMBDA, deprecated for over five years, is now no longer supported. * enhancement: read() and write() have been added to SB-POSIX. * enhancement: types of DEFSTRUCT constructors are proclaimed more accurately, allowing better typechecking of call-sites. * enhancement: errors during compile-time-too processing (i.e. EVAL-WHEN) are no longer caught. (reverted to pre 1.0.34 behaviour) * optimization: slightly faster ISQRT. (lp#713343) * bug fix: better support for Solaris /bin/sh in sh-based tests. * bug fix: TRACE behaves better when attempting to trace undefined functions. (lp#740717) * bug fix: missed optimizations for (FUNCALL (LAMBDA ...) ...) in comparison to (FUNCALL #'(LAMBDA ...) ...). * bug fix: ((LAMBDA ...) ...) forms with invalid argument counts resulted in a compile-time error. (lp#720382) * bug fix: forms such as (FUNCALL (FUNCTION NAME OOPS) ...) were compiled without complaints. * bug fix: less verbose source forms for functions from EVAL. (lp#747485) * bug fix: sense of SLOT-BOUNDP-USING-CLASS was inverted in a MAKE-INSTANCE optimization. (regression from * bug fix: package locks did not protects against compile-time side-effects of DEFUN. (lp#675584) * bug fix: --dynamic-space-size argument is validated more carefully. (lp#721457) * bug fix: memory fault from printing a malformed simple-condition. (lp#705690) * bug fix: redefining classes so that slot-definition classes change now engages the obsolete instance protocol. (lp#766271) * bug fix: constant improper lists could break source coverage recording. (lp#767959) * bug fix: compiling calls to eg. MEMBER with massive constant list arguments could exhaust stack.
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