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Release Notes for Saxon-HE 9.3 ============================== Saxon-HE 9.3 is the latest major release of the open-source edition of Saxon. It is available for both the Java and .NET platforms. The current maintenance release is, issued on 17 November 2011. For the Java platform, download file Installation instructions are at For the .NET platform, download file SaxonHE9-3-0-8N-setup.exe. Installation instructions are at The file contains documentation, sample files, test drivers and other miscellaneous resources. It is common to both platforms, and is not normally updated when new maintenance releases appear. The file contains source code for both platforms; a new version is produced with each maintenance release. Source code with the latest patches can also be obtained from Subversion on the SourceForge site. Release (17 October 2011) ---------------------------------- Releases and were limited releases produced for specific customers to solve specific problems. is therefore the first general maintenance release since The major factor making this necessary was an error in the patch for bug 3307404 (which incidentally was omitted from the list of bugs fixed in The error caused infinite recursion in the class ExpressionTool when the XSLT current() function was used. Other fixes in this release are: 3433398 Error: xsl:result-document allowed in xsl:function 3426425 Installing Saxon on 64-bit .NET platform 3426332 Exception in compiled stylesheets using max() 3423925 ModuleURIResolver fetching the same module twice 3423677 Incorrect JAXP XPath factory information 3422928 Incorrect range variable cardinality for ForExpression 3419499 Incorrect type inference logic for sequence type matching 3307404 Calls to current() not resolved at compile time Release (03 October 2011) --------------------------------- Releases and were limited releases produced for specific customers to solve specific problems. is therefore the first general maintenance release since This release fixes the following problems (note, many of these affect Saxon-PE and/or Saxon-EE only): 3416284 SAXON_SUPPRESS_INDENTATION 3411093 NPE caused by namespace code of -1 3408844 Wrong exception for XdmAtomicValue.getDoubleValue() 3370461 Base value for indexed lookup is not indexable 3347928 NullPointerException in saxon:evaluate-node() 3328917 saxon:doctype doesn't allow text nodes 3324577 IllegalArgumentException using JAXP TemplatesHandler 3314257 NPE while looking for license file 3290985 Compiled stylesheets Release (21 April 2011) ------------------------------- This release fixes the following problems (note, many of these affect Saxon-PE and/or Saxon-EE only): 3291019 Exception causes stack trace even if caught 3290985 Compiled stylesheets 3290950 use-when="system-property('xsl:is-schema-aware')" 3287522 Concurrent query compilation fails with NullPointerException 3287432 Separate compilation of query module with forwards reference 3205641 saxon:stream() interacts with other optimizations 3204144 format-integer(1, '#0') failing 3200862 Higher order functions: Value of variable undefined 3199872 xsl:iterate inside xsl:for-each fails ClassCastException 3188120 NPE using xsl:evaluate within xsl:try 3188031 Schema processor crash during error recovery 3188011 XSD11 Rules for local targetNamespace not enforced 3188003 XSD: no check for repeated facets 3187976 XSD11: +0 and -0 not equals 3187972 XSD11: xs:precisionDecimal allows non-ASCII digits 3187964 XSD: Value range facets with fixed=true 3187958 XSD11: minScaleFacet compared with minLength 3184807 IllegalStateException with -explain on xsl:apply-imports 3183658 NPE when importing separately-compiled XQuery library module 3181942 Function calls with placeholders 3176610 NullPointerException if default namespace unrecognized 3175418 Processor.WriteXdmValue ignores serialization properties 3174927 Restriction of all model groups with wildcards 3174922 anyAttribute intersection with notQName=##defined 3174866 ClassCastException outputting cardinality error message 3169596 doc-available() outputs error message on XML parse error 3161900 Incorrect default type for "let" expressions 3161807 Incorrect extraction of global variables 3160155 Higher order function closures in XSLT 3.0 3141754 ClassCastException in fold-left/fold-right Release (22 December 2010) ---------------------------------- This release fixes the following problems: 3141636 documentNumber limited to 2^32 3141217 collection(()) not allowed 3140874 AIOOB in TinyTree.addNamespace() 3139140 PTree, typed values, and ID/IDREF values 3139136 PTreeWriter fails when document contains namespaces 3138542 Command line messages have wrong link to online docs 3134404 AIOOB when name() called within anonymous function 3122822 NPE when xsl:stylesheet is not outermost element 3116503 Dependency on JDK 1.6 (reopened after release) Release --------------- This release was made available to selected customers only for testing Release (23 November 2010) ---------------------------------- This release fixes the following problems: 3116503 Dependency on JDK 1.6 3112543 XSLT 3.0 rejects valid XPath 3.0 constructs 3110170 Default language is Taiwanese 3110166 StreamWriterToReceiver crash Release (30 October 2010) ------------------------------- was the first release of the 9.3 branch. For details of new features, see
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