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Satsuma is a graph library for .NET, written in C#. Satsuma is an easy-to-use and flexible library, which implements all the necessary graph structures, and the fastest possible graph algorithms.


Satsuma is not a charting library. 'Graph' is used in the mathematical sense here (e.g. nodes connected with arcs).

Satsuma is released under the zlib license. This license is very permissive and allows you to use Satsuma for both personal and commercial purposes.

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  • Dfs and basic connectivity algorithms
  • Path finding (Bfs, Dijkstra, Bellman-Ford, A*)
  • Spanning forests (Kruskal, Prim)
  • Graph adaptors: classes which temporarily modify graphs (contract nodes, take a subgraph/supergraph, reverse arcs, undirect arcs, etc.)
  • Circulations (max flow with the Preflow algorithm, min cost circulation with the Network Simplex method)
  • Matchings in bipartite graphs (maximum matching, minimum cost matching)
  • TSP solvers (insertion, cheapest link, 2-OPT)
  • I/O: loading/saving graphs
  • Drawing graphs


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