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Dear SAGA friends, users, and all others interested in SAGA, we like to announce the release of SAGA version 2.1.0. This is the first official release since version 2.0.8 in November 2011. Besides the introduction of several new interesting tools the main changes are the migration from wxWidgets v2.8 to v3.0 and the implementation of data and tool management within the SAGA API. Due to a delay in the wxWidgets project SAGA actually links against the latest development release v2.9.4. But this version already introduces a number of simplifications and enhancements like integration of the wxPropertyGrid project, improved support for Unicode, and a new wxOSX/Cocoa port. Mac users might like to hear that efforts are going on to make SAGA work on MacOS more smoothly. You find a thread regarding the MacOS port in the SAGA User Forum ( http://sourceforge.net/p/saga-gis/discussion/790705/thread/b11de126/ ). Have a look at http://www.wxwidgets.org for background information about the wxWidgets project. Let's give some explanation for the downloads that you find here: - 'readme.txt': this file - 'saga_2.1.0_src.zip': the source code - 'saga_2.1.0_win32.zip': binaries for MS-Windows (32bit), just unzip and run! - 'saga_2.1.0_win32_setup.exe': installer for MS-Windows (32bit), needs administrator rights - 'saga_2.1.0_x64.zip': binaries for MS-Windows (64bit), just unzip and run! - 'saga_2.1.0_x64_setup.exe': installer for MS-Windows (64bit), needs administrator rights - 'saga_2.1.0_win32_python26.zip': Python (v2.6) interface to SAGA API with examples - 'saga_2.1.0_win32_python27.zip': Python (v2.7) interface to SAGA API with examples And now enjoy the world of SAGA, your SAGA Development Team
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