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App to automatically clear cache, cookies, etc. from Safari on quit

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For Safari 5.1 or greater on OS X 10.7 - 10.9 (I have received feedback this app does not effectively remove cookies etc in Yosemite. The underlying applescript can be updated to target newer locations in 10.10 by any adventurous folks out there, as described in the read me)

This application provides options to clear cookies, cache, history, top sites, saved state, and "local storage" (Safari and Flash storage) automatically each time Safari quits. There is also an option to turn Safari's Private Browsing on automatically on launch. Just launch SafariCleaner and select the items you want to clear on quit, simple as that!

Note: If you want to use the Private Browsing feature, you must go to System Preferences-->Universal Access and check "Enable access for assistive devices"

I hope you'll find this app helpful. If you have any comments, feedback about bugs, or feature requests, please post them in the forum. Thanks.

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  • Automatically enable Private Browsing on Safari launch
  • Automatically clear cache on Safari quit
  • Automatically clear history on Safari quit
  • Automatically clear cookies on Safari quit
  • Automatically clear saved state on Safari quit
  • Automatically clear top sites on Safari quit
  • Automatically clear locally stored Flash and Safari storage on Safari quit


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  • sargenle44
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    I first wrote to Rowie718 on MacScripter when this application was an Applescript. I offered some suggestions and some problems that the Applescript had when used in such situations as opening a link in Safari and the script would not be called. I gather he thought about this and created this package. I love the work that he has done from the original script to this installable package and with Safari Cleaner I no longer have a need to use MacScan or PrivacyScan as I used them to keep Safari as clean and as safe a browser as I could. Now I rely on Safari Clean to do the job of two applications. I hope that Rowie718 will continue keeping this vital piece of software upto date with the upcoming Mountain Lion and continue to work on this project and take it out of beta. Make thanks to you Rowie718 for taking some suggestions and taking a pretty decent AppleScript into this excellent application. Many, Many thanks. Leon Sargent

    Posted 06/15/2012
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