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******************************************* *** This is SABnzbd 0.6.4 *** ******************************************* SABnzbd is an open-source cross-platform binary newsreader. It simplifies the process of downloading from Usenet dramatically, thanks to its friendly web-based user interface and advanced built-in post-processing options that automatically verify, repair, extract and clean up posts downloaded from Usenet. SABnzbd also has a fully customizable user interface, and offers a complete API for third-party applications to hook into. There is an extensive Wiki on the use of SABnzbd. http://wiki.sabnzbd.org/ IMPORTANT INFORMATION about release 0.6.0: http://wiki.sabnzbd.org/introducing-0-6-0 Please also read the file "ISSUES.txt" ******************************************* *** Upgrading from 0.6.x *** ******************************************* Stop SABnzbd. Install new version Start SABnzbd. ******************************************* *** Upgrading from 0.5.x *** ******************************************* Stop SABnzbd. Uninstall current version, keeping the data. Install new version Start SABnzbd. The organization of the download queue is different from 0.5.x. 0.6.x will finish downloading an existing queue, but you cannot go back to an older version without losing your queue. Also, your sabnzbd.ini file will be upgraded, making it incompatible with release 0.5.x ******************************************* *** Upgrading from 0.4.x *** ******************************************* >>>>> PLEASE DOWNLOAD YOUR CURRENT QUEUE BEFORE UPGRADING <<<<<< When upgrading from a 0.4.x release such as 0.4.12 your old settings will be kept. You will however be given a fresh queue and history. If you have items in your queue from the older version of SABnzbd, you can either re-import the nzb files if you kept an nzb backup folder, or temporarily go back to 0.4.x until your queue is complete. The history is now stored in a better format meaning future upgrades should be backwards compatible. ******************************************* *** Changes since 0.5.6 *** ******************************************* See: http://wiki.sabnzbd.org/introducing-0-6-0
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