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summary -------- rpmrebuild is a tool to build an rpm file from the rpm database of installed softwares. It can be used to quickly build modified rpm packages. how does it work ----------------- The rpm database contains many things,in fact all what is need to build the rpm file (even the pre/post install scripts). One can access the database in shell-script (rpm -q), or throw an API in C language. I choose the shell-script for portability, debug facility, and because there was no performance need. warning : --------- - the rebuild is done from the installed files, so, if there was some modifications (config or so), they are reported in the new package. but I show what is concerned - if the original package was signed, the new one is not last remark : ------------- the rpm software as now a "repackage" option but : - it is not documented in man page - it can only be used in erase command (rpm -e --repackage), this can be not possible because of dependencies - for informations, the result goes to /var/spool/up2date The script as only been tested on redhat distribution (6.x and 7.x releases) but should work on any distribution now. historic ---------- In 1999, I had a big problem, when updating a package : the new version was not working ! So I had to "go back", but it was impossible to find the old rpm file (on local disk, or on the net). I just had it installed, on another host ... I do not find any tool on the net, so I write a first release for this need, and I use it rarely. But, in July 2002, I had a request from other Linux admin. As the script seems to match a more general need, I decide to put public on the net author ------ Eric Gerbier <gerbier@users.sourceforge.net> URL : http://rpmrebuild.sourceforge.net
Source: README, updated 2011-07-12