Performance enhancement API for RPG Maker XP, VX, VXA.

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Rpg.NET is an API built using the .NET Framework for both improving performance and enhancing the RPG Maker series (XP, VX, and VXA). Contained within are various functions and classes that extend the ability of RPG Maker in areas such as graphics, audio, and Windows API interop. Included is a Ruby script that is the wrapper around the library, so it can be used as any other script within your game.

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  • Lag-Free Particle Engine
  • Save Bitmap as *.png, *.jpg, *.bmp, *.gif
  • Load Bitmap from *.psd, *.tif
  • Get/Set Bitmap Hue
  • Get/Set Bitmap Saturation
  • Get/Set Bitmap Contrast
  • Get/Set Bitmap Brightness
  • Get/Set Bitmap Gamma
  • Bitmap#draw_text_vertical
  • Bitmap#draw_arc
  • Bitmap#draw_bezier
  • Bitmap#draw_beziers
  • Bitmap#draw_closed_curve
  • Bitmap#draw_curve
  • Bitmap#draw_ellipse
  • Bitmap#draw_line
  • Bitmap#draw_lines
  • Bitmap#draw_polygon
  • Bitmap#draw_pie
  • Bitmap#fill_closed_curve
  • Bitmap#fill_ellipse
  • Bitmap#fill_pie
  • Bitmap#fill_polygon
  • Bitmap#fill_gradient_rect
  • Bitmap#fill_gradient_ellipse
  • Bitmap#fill_gradient_polygon
  • Bitmap#color_mask
  • Bitmap Effect - Invert
  • Bitmap Effect - Pixelate
  • Bitmap Effect - Change RGBA Color Components
  • Bitmap Effect - Soften
  • Bitmap Effect - Gaussian Blur
  • Bitmap Effect - Sharpen (Multiple algorithms)
  • Bitmap Effect - Edge-Detect (Multiple algorithms)
  • Bitmap Effect - Emboss (Multiple algorithms)
  • Bitmap Effect - High Pass
  • Bitmap Effect - Grayscale
  • Bitmap Effect - Poster Effect
  • Bitmap Effect - Bitonal
  • Bitmap Effect - Median Filter
  • Bitmap Effect - Tint
  • Bitmap Effect - Color Balance
  • Bitmap Effect - Solarise
  • RPG::AudioFile#milliseconds
  • RPG::AudioFile#frame_duration
  • Get RTP Path(s)
  • Get Full-Path to Resource File
  • Change Window Resolution
  • Show/Hide Output Console
  • Screenshot Window (with or without window frame)


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Developers, End Users/Desktop

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C#, Ruby


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