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NOTES ===== This is a beta release of the long awaited version 1.0 of Roundcube webmail. With this milestone we introduce some important changes to the configuration as well as some nice new features: * Cleaned up the configuration into a single file * Importing email messages and contact group assignments * Advanced LDAP address book functionality * A toggle to switch between HTML and plaintext view * Save drafts in local storage for recovery * Canned responses to save and recall boilerplate texts * Improved keyboard navigation in messages list * Attachment reminder plugin And of course plenty of small improvements and bug fixes. Please note that this is a beta release and we recommend to test it on a separate environment. And don't forget to backup your data before installing it. WARNING: the old configuration files named and are now deprecated and should be replaced with one single file. Run the ./bin/ script to get this conversion done or manually merge the files. NOTE: the new should only contain options that differ from the ones listed in CHANGELOG ========= - Fix handling of invalid closing tags in HTML messages (#1489446) - Set real content-type for file downloads (#1489439) - Update TinyMCE to version 3.5.10 (#1489442) - Fix keyboard navigation in list widgets (#1489392) - Allow plugins to grab the reference of opened windows (#1489413) - Larry skin: Improved status message display for better visibility (#1488974) - Fix Internet Explorer 11 detection (#1489434) - Fix date column width to fit the widest possible date format (#1489368) - Move certain user preference options to a collapsed "advanced" block (#1488829) - Add file type icons for Powerpoint and Open Office presentations (#1489225) - Fix operations on folders with trailing spaces in name (#1489419) - Improve identity selection based on From: header (#1489378) - Fix issue where mails with inline images of the same name contained only the first image multiple times (#1489406) - Use left/right arrow keys to collapse/expand thread and spacebar to select a row, change Ctrl key behavior (#1489392) - Fix an issue where using arrow keys to go up a list can result in selected message being under headers (#1489403) - Fix an issue where Home/End keys don't focus list row properly, don't scrollTo properly (#1489396) - Add an option to disable smart Reply-List behaviour - reply_all_mode (#1488734) - Fix an issue where pressing minus key on contacts list was hiding list records (#1489393) - Fix an issue where shift + arrow-up key wasn't selecting all messages in collapsed thread (#1489397) - Added icon for priority column in messages list header (#1489234) - New feature "Canned Responses" to save and recall boilerplate text snippets - Fix HTML part detection when encapsulated inside multipart/signed (#1489372) - Add spellchecker backend for the After the Deadline service - Replace markdown-style [1] link indexes in plain text email bodies - Improved mailto: link arguments handling (#1489363) - Use DOMDocument LIBXML_PARSEHUGE and LIBXML_COMPACT options if possible (#1489302) - Support HTTP_HOST, SERVER_NAME and SERVER_ADDR values in include_host_config feature - Make default font size for HTML messages configurable (request #118) - Fix XSS issue in addressbook group name field [CVE-2013-5646] (#1489333) - After message is sent refresh messages list of replied message folder (#1489249) - Add option force specified domain in user login - username_domain_forced (#1489264) - Add option to import Vcards with group assignments - Save groups membership in Vcard export (#1488509) - Workaround broken PHP function timezone_name_from_abbr (#1489261) - Make cached message size limit configurable - messages_cache_threshold (#1489317) - Log also failed logins to userlogins log - Add temp_dir_ttl configuration option (#1489304) - Allow setting INBOX as Sent folder (#1489219) - Fix replacement variables in user-specific base_dn in some LDAP requests (#1489279) - Fix image scaling issues when image has only one dimension smaller than the limit (#1489274) - Fix issue where uploaded photo was lost when contact form did not validate (#1489274) - Move identity selection based on non-standard headers into (new) identity_select plugin (#1488553) - Fix downloading binary files with (wrong) text/* content-type (#1489267) - Respect HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR and HTTP_X_REAL_IP variables for session IP check - Simplified configuration by merging it into one file + defaults (#1487311) - Make message list header stay on top when scrolling (#1295420) - Add support for 'enchant' spellcheck engine - Check filetype detection in installer and update script (#1489193) - Fix folder names truncation in Classic skin (#1489220) - Make possible to disable some (broken) IMAP extensions with imap_disable_caps option (#1489184) - Contacts drag-n-drop default action is to move contacts (#1488751) - Added possibility to choose to move or copy contacts from drag-n-drop menu (#1488751) - Fix Close link and remove About link on error pages (#1489109) - Improved/unified attachment preview screen, added print button - Fix lack of space between searchfiler and quicksearchbar in Larry skin (#1489158) - Cache LDAP's user_specific search and use vlv for better performance (#1489186) - LDAP: auto-detect and use VLV indices for all search operations - LDAP: additional group configuration options for address books - LDAP: separated address book implementation from a generic LDAP wrapper class - Allow address books to browse a multi-level group hierarchy in the contacts list - Fix session issues when local and database time differs (#1486132) - Fix thread cache syncronization/validation (#1489028) - Added feature to import messages to the currently selected folder - Add option show_real_foldernames to disable localization of special folders - Fix database cache expunge issues (#1489149) - Fix date format issues on MS SQL Server (#1488918) - Add imap_cache_ttl option to configure TTL of imap_cache - Make LDAP cache engine configurable via ldap_cache and ldap_cache_ttl options - Fix "duplicate entry" errors on inserts to imap cache tables (#1489146) - Improved handling of Reply-To/Bcc addresses of identity in compose form (#1489016) - Added user preference to open all popups as standard windows - Implemented shared cache (rcube_cache_shared) - Change Reply-All button label/title when mailing list is detected (#1488938) - Fix SMTP connection using IPv6 address in smtp_server option (#1489024) - Added attachment_reminder plugin - Make PHP code eval() free, use create_function() - Add option to display email address together with a name in mail preview (#1488732) - Support CSV import from Atmail (#1489045) - Add db_prefix configuration option in place of db_table_*/db_sequence_* options - Make possible to use db_prefix for schema initialization in Installer (#1489067) - Fix script so it recognizes also table prefix for external DDL files - Fix parsing invalid date string (#1489035) - Add "with attachment" option to messages list filter (#1485382) - Call resize handler in intervals to prevent lags and double onresize calls in Chrome (#1489005) - Add rel="noreferrer" for links in displayed messages (#1484686) - Add ability to toggle between HTML and text while viewing a message (#1486939) - Remove "HTML message" from attachments list while viewing a message in text mode (#1486939) - Support IMAP MOVE extension [RFC 6851] - Add attachment menu with Open and Download options (#1488975) - Display user-friendly message on IMAP "over quota" errors (#1484164) - Extended archive plugin with user-configurable options to store messages into subfolders - Fix export of selected contacts from search result (#1488905) - Feature to export only selected contacts from addressbook (by Phil Weir)
Source: README_1.0-beta.txt, updated 2013-11-30