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NOTES ===== This is the next major release of the Roundcube webmail software. We enhanced the webmail experience with these new features: * Improved rendering of forwarded and attached messages * Optionally display and compose email messages a new windows * Unified UI for message view and composition * Show sender photos from contacts in email view * Render thumbnails for image attachments * Download all attachments as zip archive (using the zipdownload plugin) * Forward multiple emails as attachments * CSV import for contacts But the major change of this version isn't really visible to the users but even more important for the developers: the Roundcube framework. We decoupled the core functions for IMAP access, SMTP email sending, database abstraction, caching, etc. from the webmail application in order to make them usable for other free software products. The framework can be downloaded as an individual package. Another major change since the 0.8 series is the new database abstraction. In order to add support for SQLite3, the PEAR:MDB2 dependency was dropped and Roundcube now uses the native PHP Data Objects (PDO). It's enabled by default since PHP 5.1 and is considered stable and well-developed. One drawback, however, is a small lack in the MySQL PDO driver which makes PHP 5.3 a requirement for this version of Roundcube when using the MySQL database. After lots of testing and collecting your feedback, this version is considered stable and it also includes the recently discovered vulnerability that allows an attacker to modify its users preferences in a way that he can then read arbitrary files from the server. We therefore recommend to update all productive installations of Roundcube. IMPORTANT ========= We're still getting a lot of support requests from users who are under the impression that Roundcube is a public service such as Gmail or Hotmail. Unfortunately we cannot help these people and thus we'd like to encourage everybody once more to enter an URL to the option named 'support_url' in the Roundcube config. This will be display a link on all screens including the login page that should guide your users to instructions how to get help for your specific email service that uses Roundcube. CHANGELOG (since 0.8.6) ======================= RELEASE 0.9.0 ------------- - Fix display of HTML entities in protected folder name (#1489042) - Set minimal permissions to temp files (#1488996) - Improve content check for embedded images without filename (#1489029) - Fix handling of invalid characters in message headers and output (#1489032) - Avoid race-conditions with concurrent attachment uploads (#1488422) - Fix selecting collapsed rows on select-all (#1489036) - Fix possible header duplicates when using additional headers (#1489033) - Fix session issues with use_https=true (#1488986) - Fix blockquote width in sent mail (#1489031) - Fix keyboard events on list widgets in Internet Explorer (#1489025) RELEASE 0.9-rc2 --------------- - Fix security issue in save-pref command - Remove sig_above configuration option, use reply_mode only (#1489001) - Refresh current folder in opener window after draft save or message sent (#1488997) - Fix saving draft just after entering compose window (#1489012) - Fix javascript error in IE9 when loading form with placeholders into an iframe (#1489008) - Fix handling of some conditional comment tags in HTML message (#1489004) - Fix so forward as attachment works if additional attachment is added by message_compose hook (#1489000) - Better handling of session errors in ajax requests (#1488960) - Fix HTML part detection for some specific message structures (#1488992) - Don't show fake address - phishing prevention (#1488981) - Fix forward as attachment bug with editormode != 1 (#1488991) - Fix LIMIT/OFFSET queries handling on MS SQL Server (#1488984) - Fix javascript errors when working in a page opened with taget="_blank" - Mention SQLite database format change in UPGRADING file (#1488983) - Increase maxlength to 254 chars for email input fields in addressbook (#1488987) - Fix thumbnail size when GD extension is used for image resize (#1488985) - Display notice that message is encrypted also for application/pkcs7-mime messages (#1488526) RELEASE 0.9-rc -------------- - Fix plain text spellchecker icorrect highlighting in non-ASCII text (#1488973) - Add workaround for invalid message charset detection by IMAP servers (#1488968) - Fix NUL characters in content-type of ms-tnef attachment (#1488964) - Fix regression in handling LDAP contact identifiers (#1488959) - Updated translations from Transifex - Fix buggy error template in a frame (#1488938) - Add addressbook widget on compose page in classic skin - Add search box to compose address book widget (#1488381) - Fix login in case when default_host is an array with one element (#1488928) - Use LDAP fallback hosts on connect + bind instead of ldap_connect() only. - Add config option for LDAP bind timeout (sets LDAP_OPT_NETWORK_TIMEOUT option) - Submit Addressbook advanced search form with Enter key (#1488568) - Also block remote images in HTML part view (#1488827) - Improved database schema upgrade procedure, added script - Force autocommit mode in mysql database driver (#1488902) RELEASE 0.9-beta ---------------- - Fix searching by date in address book (#1488888) - Improve charset detection by prioritizing charset according to user language (#1485669) - Fix handling of escaped separator in vCard file (#1488896) - Fix #countcontrols issue in IE<=8 when text is very long (#1488890) - Add option to use envelope From address for MDN responses (#1488880) - Add possibility to search in message body only (#1488770) - Support "multipart/relative" as an alias for "multipart/related" type (#1488886) - Display PGP/MIME signature attachments as "Digital Signature" (#1488570) - Workaround UW-IMAP bug where hierarchy separator is added to the shared folder name (#1488879) - Fix version comparisons with -stable suffix (#1488876) - Add unsupported alternative parts to attachments list (#1488870) - Add Compose button on message view page (#1488747) - Display 'Sender' header in message preview - Plugin API: Added message_before_send hook - Fix contact copy/add-to-group operations on search result (#1488862) - Use matching identity in MDN response (#1488864) - Fix unwanted horizontal scrollbar in message preview header (#1488866) - Fix handling of signatures on draft edit (#1488798) - Fix so compacting of non-empty folder is possible also when messages list is empty (#1488858) - Allow forwarding of multiple emails (#1486854) - Fix big memory consumption of DB layer (#1488856) - Add workaround for IE<=8 bug where Content-Disposition:inline was ignored (#1488844) - Fix XSS vulnerability in vbscript: and data:text links handling (#1488850) - Fix broken message/part bodies when FETCH response contains more untagged lines (#1488836) - Fix empty email on identities list after identity update (#1488834) - Add new identities_level: (4) one identity with possibility to edit only signature - Use Delivered-To and Envelope-To headers for identity selection (#1488840, #1488553) - Fix XSS vulnerability using Flash files (#1488828) - Fix absolute positioning in HTML messages (#1488819) - Fix cache (in)validation after setting \Deleted flag - Fix keybord events on messages list in opera browser (#1488823) - Fix selection of collapsed thread rows (#1488772) - Always save drafts with format=flowed in order to keep original line wraps (#1488799) - Fix wrapping of quoted text with format=flowed (#1488177) - Select default_addressbook on the list in Address Book (#1488280) - Fix so mobile phone has TYPE=CELL in exported vCard (#1488812) - Support contacts import from CSV file (#1486399) - Improved keep-alive action. Now the interval is based on session_lifetime (#1488507) - Added cross-task 'refresh' request for system state updates (#1488507) - Renamed config options: keep_alive to refresh_interval, min_keep_alive to min_refresh_interval - Fix handling of text/enriched content on message reply/forward/edit - Option to display attached images as thumbnails below message body - Upgraded to jQuery 1.8.3 and jQuery UI 1.9.1 - Add config option to automatically generate LDAP attributes for new entries - Add user settings to open message view and compose form in new windows (#1485486) - Better client-side timezone detection using the jsTimezoneDetect library (#1488725) - Add option to disable saving sent mail in Sent folder - no_save_sent_messages (#1488686) - Fix handling dont_override with message_sort_col and message_sort_order settings (#1488760) - Fix handling of URLs with asterisk characters (#1488759) - Remove automatic to-lowercase conversion of usernames (#1488715) - Plugin API: Add 'email_list' argument for identities data in user_create hook - Integrated zipdownload plugin to download all attachments (#1445509) - Fix HTML special characters handling in message list/header display (#1488523) - List related text/html part as attachment in plain text mode (#1488677) - Use IMAP BINARY (RFC3516) extension to fetch message/part bodies - Fix folder creation under public namespace root (#1488665) - Fix so "Edit as new" on draft creates a new message (#1488687) - Fix invalid error message on deleting mail from read only folder (#1488694) - Replace data URIs of images (pasted in HTML editor) with inline attachments (#1488502) - Remove (too big) min-width on mail screen - Added template object 'frame' - Add option to enable HTML editor on forwarding (#1488517) - Add option to not include original message on reply, rename option top_posting to reply_mode (#1485149) - Added session_path config option and unified cookies settings in javascript - Added "Undeleted" option to messages list filter - Rewritten test scripts for PHPUnit - Add new DB abstraction layer based on PHP PDO, supporting SQLite3 (#1488332) - Removed PEAR::MDB2 package - Removed users.alias column, added option ('user_aliases') to use email address from identities as username (#1488581) - Removed redundant cache.cache_id column (#1488528) - Fix order of attachments in sent mail (#1488423) - Fix Shift + delete button does not permanently delete messages (#1488243) - Add Content-Length for attachments where possible (#1485478) - Fix attachment sizes in message print page and attachment preview page (#1488515) - Add mail attachments using drag & drop on HTML5 enabled browsers - Add workaround for invalid BODYSTRUCTURE response - parse message with Mail_mimeDecode package (#1485585) - Display Tiff as Jpeg in browsers without Tiff support (#1488452) - Don't display Pdf/Tiff/Flash attachments inline without browser support (#1488452, #1487929) - Add is_escaped attribute for html_select and html_textarea (#1488485) - Fix issue where draft auto-save wasn't executed after some inactivity time - Add vCard import from multiple files at once (#1488015) - Roundcube Framework: Add possibility to replace IMAP driver with custom class Add IMAP auto-connection feature, improving performance with caching enabled Replace imap_init hook with storage_init (with additional 'driver' argument) Improved performance by caching IMAP server's capabilities in session Unified global functions naming (rcube_ prefix) Better classes separation Framework files moved to lib/Roundcube
Source: README_0.9.0.txt, updated 2013-04-15