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NOTES ===== This is the stable release of version 0.7 with the latest bugfixes from the previous 0.7-beta release. It finishes up the new features and improvements we added in the 0.7 sprint and adds some security features which will protect the Roundcube users from XSS and clickjacking attacks. It's considered stable and we recommend to update all productive installations of Roundcube with this version. CHANGELOG ========= - Make Roundcube render the Email Standards Project Acid Test correctly - Replace prompt() with jQuery UI dialog (#1485135) - Fix navigation in messages search results - Improved handling of some malformed values encoded with quoted-printable (#1488232) - Add possibility to do LDAP bind before searching for bind DN - Fix handling of empty <U> tags in HTML messages (#1488225) - Add content filter for embedded attachments to protect from XSS on IE (#1487895) - Use strpos() instead of strstr() when possible (#1488211) - Fix handling HTML entities when converting HTML to text (#1488212) - Fix fit_string_to_size() renders browser and ui unresponsive (#1488207) - Fix handling of invalid characters in request (#1488124) - Fix merging some configuration options in script (#1485864) - Fix so TEXT key will remove all HEADER keys in IMAP SEARCH (#1488208) - Fix handling contact photo url with https:// prefix (#1488202) - Fix possible infinite redirect on attachment preview (#1488199) - Improved clickjacking protection for browsers which don't support X-Frame-Options headers - Fixed bug where similiar folder names were highlighted wrong (#1487860) - Fixed bug in handling link with '!' character in it (#1488195) - Fixed bug where session ID's length was limited to 40 characters (#1488196) - TinyMCE security issue: removed moxieplayer (embedding flv and mp4 is not supported anymore)
Source: README_0.7.txt, updated 2011-12-14