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NOTES ===== This is a bugfix release to update the stable version 0.5.x. It fixes some more bugs and improves stability. It's considered stable and we recommend to update all productive installations of Roundcube with this version. CHANGELOG ========= - TinyMCE 3.4.2 now compatible with IE9 - PEAR::Net_SMTP 1.5.2, fixed timeout issue (#1487843) - Fix bug where template name without plugin prefix was used in render_page hook - Support 'abort' and 'result' response in 'preferences_save' hook, add error handling - Fix bug where some content would cause hang on html2text conversion (#1487863) - Improve space-stuffing handling in format=flowed messages (#1487861) - Fix bug where some dates would produce SQL error in MySQL (#1487856) - Added workaround for some IMAP server with broken STATUS response (#1487859) - Fix bug where default_charset was not used for text messages (#1487836) - Stateless request tokens. No keep-alive necessary on login page (#1487829) - Force names of unique constraints in PostgreSQL DDL - Add code for prevention from IMAP connection hangs when server closes socket unexpectedly - Remove redundant DELETE query (for old session deletion) on login - Get around unreliable rand() and mt_rand() in session ID generation (#1486281) - Fix some emails are not shown using Cyrus IMAP (#1487820) - Fix handling of mime-encoded words with non-integral number of octets in a word (#1487801) - Fix parsing links with non-printable characters inside (#1487805) - Fixed de_CH/de_DE localization bugs (#1487773) - Add variable for 'Today' label in date_today option (#1486120) - Applied plugin changes since 0.5-stable release - Fix SQL query in rcube_user::query() so it uses index on MySQL again - Use only one from IMAP authentication methods to prevent login delays (1487784) - Fix strftime format support in date_today option - Removed redundant </form> tags from contact add/edit pages - Fix CSS error in contact details screen on IE7 (#1487775)
Source: README_0.5.2.txt, updated 2011-04-20