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================== = Installing RompR ================== Please read the installation instructions here: http://sourceforge.net/p/rompr/wiki/Installation/ MacOS X Users ============= Please read the instructions here: http://sourceforge.net/p/rompr/wiki/Installation%20on%20Mac%20OS%20X/ Windows Users ============= First, install a better operating system, then read this file again :) Actually, it may well be possible to get this to run on Windows, if mpd or mopidy can be got to work then there's probably a LAMP stack for Windows that will run apache and php OK. But I don't intend to go buy a Windows computer just to find out. Ubuntu Users can now install from my PPA: ========================================== http://launchpad.net/~fatgerman-m/+archive/rompr Just follow the instructions to add the PPA, then sudo apt-get install mpd-client-rompr This will install rompr and the Apache webserver. If you want to use a different webserver such as nginx, please read the wiki link above.
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