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Which file(s) should I download?

Source compilation on all platforms:

  • For a standard compilation from source, you need the file rkward-0.6.2.tar.gz, and only this file.
  • See http://p.sf.net/rkward/compiling for detailed instructions on compiling / installing from source

Installer for Windows:

  • For a binary installer of RKWard, only, you need
  • install_rkward_0.6.2.exe
  • This requires as existing installation of KDE >= 4.10.2 and R >= 3.1.0.
  • Consider using the installation bundle, instead. See http://p.sf.net/rkward/windows for details and support.

Binaries / compilation instructions for other architectures:

What's new in RKWard 0.6.2?

A short overview of the main changes is available at the main project page. Here is a somewhat more detailed list of changes since RKWard 0.6.1:

--- Version 0.6.2 - Oct-20-2014 - In data editor, indicate NAs, explicitly - Import Stata plugin gains option to convert character encoding. - New plugin for recoding categorical data - New embeddable (minimal) plugin "multi_input" to combine different input elements - Fixed: Problems starting from paths with spaces in the file name on Windows - Added command line option --r-executable for switching between several installations of R - Use a binary wrapper, instead of wrapper shell script for startup on all platforms - Linear regression plugin gains option to save predicted values - Fixed some compilation problems - Add basic support to export plots using tikzDevice - Fixed: cbind-value of <matrix> element was missing commas - Fixed: Give a label to an unlabelled toolbar - Fixed: Adjust to (re-?)named parameters for options("pager") - Allow plugin UI script code to query R for information - Fixed: potential crash when a previously installed pluginmap is not longer readable - Allow to connect <varslot>/<valueslot> source to any property, not just <varselectors> - New plugin elements <valueselector> and <select> - New plugin element <valueslot> for selecting arbitrary string values (otherwise almost identical to <varslot>) - <varslots> can be set to accept the same object several times. Used in scatterplot plugin. - New R function rk.embed.device() for manually embedding graphics devices in RKWard - Fixed: R backend would exit immediately, without meaningful error message, if there is an error in .Rprofile (or Rprofile.site) - Fixed: Installing suggested packages from the package installation dialog was broken - Fixed: Selecting a mirror via the "R packages" settings page would not work when prompted for package installation form the backend - Remove support for compiling RKWard in a single process (threaded) variant. This was not used / tested since RKWard 0.5.5 - Shortcuts for the "Run ..." actions have been changed for better cross-platform compatibility - The script editor's "Run line" and "Run selection" actions have been merged - Add UI for configuring default graphics device, and embedding of standard graphics devices. - New RKWard native on-screen device (RK()). This is the default on-screen device in RKWard, now. - New R function rk.without.plot.history() for turning off plot history, temporarily - Add command line option --backend-debugger

Source: Readme.mkd, updated 2014-10-20