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Which file(s) should I download?

Source compilation on all platforms:

  • For a standard compilation from source, you need the file rkward-0.6.1.tar.gz, and only this file.
  • See http://p.sf.net/rkward/compiling for detailed instructions on compiling / installing from source

Installer for Windows:

  • For a binary installer of RKWard, only, you need either
  • install_rkward_0.6.1_for_R3.0.exe, for use with an R installation of 3.0.0(rc) or above
  • install_rkward_0.6.1_for_R2.15.x.exe, for use with an R installation of 2.15.x
  • Consider using the installation bundle, instead. See http://p.sf.net/rkward/windows for details and support.

Binaries / compilation instructions for other architectures:

What's new in RKWard 0.6.1?

A short overview of the main changes is available at the main project page. Here is a somewhat more detailed list of changes since RKWard 0.6.0:

--- Version 0.6.1 - Apr-02-2013

  • Add option to force-close a graphics window
  • Add plugin for subsetting data.frames by rows or columns
  • On the Windows platform, add an new (experimental) binary startup wrapper (rkward.exe)
  • Revert to building R packages form source on Mac OS X by default (controllable via compile-time option)
  • Fixed: lattice plots would not be added to the plot history, correctly, for some versions of lattice
  • Fix crash when trying to print, and neither okular, nor kpdf are available
  • Added support for loaded namespaces that are not attached to a loaded package
  • Pluginmaps can specify their "priority". Pluginmaps with low priority will not be added automatically, when found.
  • Pluginmaps can <require> other pluginmaps based on their id (for cross-package inclusion)
  • Added new element <dependency_check> for dynamic version checks within a plugin (R and RKWard versions, only, so far)
  • Add guard against accidental usage of the standard distributed pluginmaps in a later version of RKWard (installed in parallel)
  • Easier (de-)activation of RKWard plugin maps using checkboxes (Settings->Configure RKWard->Plugins)
  • Broken or quirky .pluginmap files are reported to the user, completely broken maps are disabled, automatically
  • Implement basic dependency handling for plugins / pluginmaps
  • Added support for the upcoming R 3.0.0
  • Added <switch> logic element to switch between several target properties (or fixed values) based on the value of a condition property
  • Sort plugin gains option to sort data.frames by more than one column at a time, and options for type conversion
  • Add in-application debug message viewer (targetted at (plugin) developers)
  • Add setting to customize initial working directory
  • Windows only: Add UI-checkbox for R's "internet2"-option
  • New functions getString(), getList() and getBoolean() for fetching data in plugin scripts
  • Boolean properties now return a numeric, not labelled representation of their value, by default. <checkbox>es should be unaffected.
  • Added <optionset> GUI element for entering a set of options for an arbitrary number of items
  • Reduce CPU usage of pluings while idle
  • Fix conversion from Numeric to Factor in the data editor
  • In the data.frame editor, columns containing invalid values are now highlighted in red
  • Fixed: If none of the previous plugin maps could be found on startup, re-add the default
  • Added <matrix> GUI element for entering matrix or vector data in plugins
  • Improve key handling while editing factor levels in a data.frame
  • Added utiltity function rk.flush.output()
  • RKWard is now categorized as Science/Math/Numerical Analysis in its .desktop file
  • Fixed: Yet another fix for hard-to-read function argument hints
  • Fixed: Device history was not working with more recent versions of ggplot2
  • Fixed: Option to include suggested packages in install was mis-labelled "install dependencies"
  • rk.set.output.html.file() gains argument to allow addition of custom content to the html header
Source: Readme.mkd, updated 2013-04-02