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RHQ 4.9

This folder contains the RHQ 4.9 release

The 4.9 release stream features major changes since RHQ 4.8 and earlier:

  • Changes in the installation and upgrade process
  • Metric charts have been further improved
  • Cassandra database for Metrics now supports multiple nodes

Check out the full release notes on the RHQ Wiki.


The install process for RHQ 4.9 has changed from RHQ 4.6/4.7 and earlier versions, so please refer to the wiki on how to use the (again) new installer: Installation guide


You need to edit the rhq-server.properties file and provide passwords and bind address for the server before starting the install. This is described in the Installing the server document.

Upgrading from previous versions

The new installer needs to be used to upgrade from previous versions of RHQ. Please follow the upgrade guide


If upgrading from RHQ 4.8, you may need to run a script to side-grade the Cassandra database. This is described in a posting. The script itself is contained in this download folder as rhq48-storage-patch.zip


Plugins and the Casandra database are contained in the server zip and do not need to be downloaded separately.

Please report all bugs in Bugzilla.

User Forums and User Mailinglists are also available.

You can also reach the developers on IRC on freenode/#rhq

Source: readme-rhq-4.9.0.md, updated 2013-09-10