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= Red Eclipse 1.3 Changelog = Gameplay: * New "impulse vaulting" movement (press Q next to an obstacle to use it to propel yourself upward) * Points no longer given for consecutively dropping and picking up affinities (flags/ball) * AI now uses "random walk" when no waypoints are present * Players in time trial are now non-solid by default (/{sv_}trialstyle) Weapons: * Rocket launcher now spawns in instagib * Melee no longer requires an impulse action before (back to 1.1 behaviour) * Flamer primary and secondary range and size reduced, secondary fire lifetime of particles increased * Pistol recoil slightly increased, secondary now fires twice as many particles with more spread, but with less damage and longer intervals * SMG secondary now fires balls which after a short distance explodes into a large amount of radial flak * Shotgun recoil increased * Plasma primary damage and radius reduced, primary and secondary recoil increased * Rifle recoil increased Maps: * Institute, new map * Biolytic, new map * Ares, updated to version 1.9 * Conflict, new map * Fourplex, new map * Starlibido, new map * Industrial, new map * Oneiroi, new map * Pumpstation, new map * Dawn, removed from rotations * Neodrive, new time-trial map * Hawk, new time-trial map * Ubik, clip/water/door fixes * Alphacampaign, removed * Canals, new map * Wet, tweaked obstacles * Keystone, revamped as "Keystone2k" * Isolation, added bomber-ball waypoints Interface & Menus: * Brush selection now mapped to K+wheel (unbound in 1.2, J+wheel in 1.1) * Added ability to save and automatically use arena loadouts * Show player count on server browser * Show unresponsive servers (bottom of server list) * Several new international keycodes are now bind-able as WORLD_{0..95} * Added ability to mark map favourites (pinned to top of map list) * Now possible to skip dead players while spectating (on by default in duel & survivor; /followdead, /spectvdead) * Added on-screen help for commands/vars/etc. (work in progress) * Blank names are no longer possible * Added Texture preview on hover in browser * Bot info hidden on scoreboard per default * Joins/leaves no longer shown when connecting/disconnecting * Added player model preview in profile selection * /kidmode (reduced blood & gore) is now persistent Modes & Mutators: * Hover mutator removed * Added "gamespeedlock" to independently allow servers to unlock "gamespeed" (still checks varslock though) * Added {mode,muts}idxname variables for mode and mutator values * Added server variable "<weap>reloads" now defines the number of times a weapon can reload (-1 = infinite, 0 = never, 1+ = count) * Bomber-ball basket (possible to score by throwing ball into goal) set as the default, moved from mutator to server-side variable (bomberbasket) * Removed campaign and teambalance 3, * Added new mutator "coop" (humans vs bots) * Added new mutator "king of the hill" for defend the flag * Multi and team mutators are now mutually exclusive Modding & Data Assets: * Removed kitchen and kitchen1 textures from trak4 (unused) * track_11, track_12, new music * Skyboxes: arid2, interstellar, miramar, stormydays - added; dusk - removed * Now possible to link playerstart/affinity/checkpoint to mapsound/particles/lightfx * Added texture based slippery physics (textcoastscale and vcoastscale, sets as a scale of floorcoast/slidecoast, only works on top facing textures) * Added sigma/kappa concrete textures and mapmodels * Added style parameter for /editmat (empty/non-empty/entirely-solid/non-entirely-solid) Multiplayer & Servers: * Added server hosting and player guidelines for the master server * mapname.wpt and mapname.txt is now included when sending a map * Allow players to cast votes for ones made by an admin which conflict with a lock control * Added ability to lock demos/spec/kick/ban to specific access levels (master/auth/admin), likewise for {mode,maps,vars,vote}lock * Expanded admin control (can now add allows, mute, and limit team changing) * Renamed privileges: master->helper, auth->moderator * Added ability to specify a ban/kick/etc. reason * Added ability to get client hostname (/echo (gethostname <cn>) or /showhostname to show on scoreboard) * Intermission now waits full time before proceeding to the next map * Added auto-mute on chat spam (warns on 3 lines per 10 seconds, mutes after 3 warns) * Voting mid-game now requires unanimous vote * Added selectable voting styles (/voteinterm, /votestyle) * Client-based servers no longer put into private mode Core & Install: * Corrected icon size for x32 and x48 versions * SDL 1.2.15 * Remove "-r" command-line option * Enet 1.3.5 * 64bit builds for Windows * Use APP/app* variables for name abstraction (simplifies forking/install renaming) * *nix icons stored as PNG/XPM, no ImageMagick needed in system-install process * all-licenses.txt added, exhaustive copyright/license breakdown * Basic math commands in CubeScript now accepts multiple arguments Additional Fixed Bugs: * #103 - [minor] Revenge-seeking remains after team-change * #112 - Fix server browser sorting full servers to the bottom * #115 - When joining mid-match, bomber-ball affinities aren't enabled * #128 - Buff state not properly synchronised * #129 - Spawn rotation problems * #136 - Arena-expert and submodes are bugged (rocket & grenade select issues) * #132 - venus geom errors * #135 - ghost geom errors * #117 - Team-duel problems (force cycle team member after 3 wins) * #113 - Botbalance issues (breaks if teambalance = 2 or team imbalance is > 1) * #154 - Fix darkness omega bb-goal to be at same position as alpha * #158 - Possibility to miss first checkpoint on testchamber * #164 - synchronise death count in resume/frag messages * #165 - ghost clipping (disable odd sniper spot) * #148 - replaced tabs on texture gui with scrolling pages * #141 - can select a team while in spectator to join the game on a specific team * #126 - Looping focus-oriented sounds persist after target change (new camerapos code takes care of attenuation already) * #130 - Auth Identification Announcements (printed such that it is visible to the authing user) * #120 - -g option does not work with absolute paths * #177 - (roughly) predict time remaining in server list * #102 - Some flat geometry walls acts as crouch-entrance * #189 - overcome MAXSTRLEN limitation in N_COMMAND/N_EDITVAR by dynamically allocating and transmitting arguments * #197 - synchronise sticky grenade offset position across the network * #207 - corrected bug with projectile "in wall" checks * #209 - ghost texture tweaks * #211 - Going in water doesn't reset the "able to double jump" state * #210 - Map Bath has some texture errors
Source: README, updated 2012-09-01