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Common Lisp Reasoner, Version 3.1 Status ------ It has been tested in Allegro 9.0, clisp 2.48, ECL 11.1.1 and SBCL 1.1.2 (Win32). It should run unmodified in any Lisp that implements the metaobject protocol, provided :mop is on its features list. The file compat.lisp may enable it to work (possibly with a little additional customization) in other Lisps. Automatically-generated reader methods (i.e., that behave like slot-value-reduce) work only in SBCL of the above-mentioned Lisps. Changes Since Last Release -------------------------- New features: Built-in (de)serialization of XML Schema duration, date and time datatypes New generic function print-as-type; parse-as-type takes additional start and end arguments Bugs fixed: reasoner.lisp referenced *load-pathname* rather than *load-truename* Implicit forward references to classes from :composition and :inverse slot options failed in some Lisps; changes in implicitly referenced classes did not update automatically-generated rules; in clisp, the rules were not always generated at all In many Lisps RDF deserialization failed because ensure-class used a defaulted metaclass argument even if the class existed; similarly, in clisp, superclasses were lost Element content could only be delimited by space, not any whitespace Other changes: :external-type option of defrange is inherited Rule language schema revised and corrected
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