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Common Lisp Reasoner, Version 2.0.1 Status ------ It has been tested in Allegro 8.2, clisp 2.41, ECL 11.1.1 and SBCL 1.0.49 (Win32). It should run unmodified in any Lisp that implements the metaobject protocol, provided :mop is on its features list. The file compat.lisp may enable it to work (possibly with a little additional customization) in other Lisps. Automatically-generated reader methods (i.e., that behave like slot-value-reduce) work only in SBCL of the above-mentioned Lisps. Changes Since Last Release -------------------------- Rule language XML schema revised: Elements prefixRhs (becomes arithmeticExpr, made global) relation (made global), value (made local) Type CompoundFormula references group PRIMARY New elements valueAttributeReference, aggregateFunctionName, relationalAttributeReference, numericAttributeReference New attribute (of arithmeticExpr) minus Bugs fixed: Package lock violation could occur when serializing symbols defined in CL package Serialization of a literal proposition within a rule would fail if it contained a second attribute reference Serialization of "<" and ">" in an arithmetic or functional proposition was not XML-friendly When serializing a class hierarchy, if classes were split or joined to create the nearest equivalent complexTypes, certain XML names could become corrupted and element declarations erroneously repeated or omitted. Also, name attribute was omitted from element declarations containing occurrence constraints Deserialization would fail if attributes were qualified compute-effective-slot-definition would signal an error if subtypep could not determine the relationship between two slot types Other changes: New variable *xml-print-pretty* Faster instance creation
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