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The latest stable version is 1.6. The 1.7b version is the latest development but is generally pretty stable. repository.war: self contained war file for running under Tomcat, Glassfish, etc ramaddaserver.zip: stand-alone version of RAMADDA. Just needs Java to run. Download and unzip the file allplugins.jar: You only need this if you have previously installed RAMADDA without installing allplugins.jar If you already have the allplugins.jar installed in your release then RAMADDA will automatically update it plugins: various plugins that are not contained in allplugins.jar Note: if you have previously installed the pointplugin.jar this has now been rolled into the allplugins.jar. You should delete the pointplugin.jar from your RAMADDA install directory before installing the new RAMADDA version
Source: README, updated 2014-11-25