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Race Into Space has gone quiet since the release of version 1.1, for the time being. Historically, RIS will go dormant like this for a while--then a couple new programmers join us with a burst of enthusiasm. We make a batch of improvements, put out a release or two, then the project goes quiet again. So, if you're a programmer and have any interest in getting involved, we could use you. You can do a little work on it and wander off again if you like; there's no real commitment involved. Currently there are two particular areas that need work: * Our latest effort started a conversion of the code from CVS to GIT, and a simplification of the data files to have the program access plain text rather than hex files. It's partially complete, and the game now compiles on Windows and Mac as well as Linux, and in 64-bit as well as 32-bit. If you know your way around this stuff and would like to try continuing the conversion a little, I'd be delighted to have you on board. * I'd like to get the game added to the Ubuntu repository! Sure we have an Ubuntu .deb available for download, but getting it in the repository would make it that much easier for Ubuntu users to install it. More importantly, it would be a great way to publicize the game in the Linux community. However, if you'd rather just work on developing the game, that's fine too. The GIT source compiles and runs as is and can be worked on. There are two improvements I would most like to see: * Reimplement PBEM support. Play By E-Mail was a multiplayer option in the CD version of BARIS and is the only feature from BARIS not available in RIS. In BARIS, PBEM used some code that we don't have rights to, so it had to be disabled--but Michael tells me that it should be easy enough to redo in open source. See PBEM.txt for details. Of course TCP/IP would be better, but PBEM should be a lot easier to implement. * Add some end-of-turn warnings: 1. Starting in 1958, if you have no launches scheduled for next turn, you should be informed and given a chance to go back and schedule one. 2. If you have a mission ready to launch and one of its components isn't yet at Max R&D, you should be warned and given a chance to go back to research it. Ideally, you should receive the warning only if you have enough funds to do some research. If you have 2MB left and the component that needs research is an Atlas, you should be warned--but not if you had 2MB and it was the Saturn V that needed research. 3. If you have an LM or a Kicker-C but haven't prototyped your docking modules yet, the game should probably warn you. Anyone interested in getting involved with the project is invited to contact me at raceintospace@yahoo.com. We could use some new blood! - Leon (Peyre)
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