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An arcade game where the goal is to clear the screen of blocks by controlling a ball with four paddles on each side of the screen, without letting the ball leave the screen. Currently under heavy development.

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  • tricky75
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    Well, what shall I say... I want to be a help from one small game programmer to another ;) First of all, thumbs up for the concept of a 4 way variant to Arkanoid. I never came up with that idea and now that I see this concept I think, "It was about time somebody came up with this". Furthermore, I see you made it keyboard controlled, I normally like Arkanoid mouse controlled as it allows me to play more action based and with faster ball movement. It does not make the game too easy when you design it well. I'm not too content on the menu screens, if you can work that out a bit more. The game itself looks beautifully. On the gameplay, maybe a bit more bonuses and penalties, and right now they only go down, maybe making them go the other ways too suits the concept of this game even better. And nice that you chose Python making your game playable for all platforms. I was considering myself to do some of my future projects in Python and you did give me a small view on the possibilities here.... Thanks for that ;) Well I hope my comments were helpful for ya ;)

    Posted 08/14/2013
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