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qmidiarp-0.3.9 (2011-01-05) New Features o Arpeggio pattern preset infrastructure o Synchronized MIDI LFO modules added LFOs have calculated and drawable waveforms, selectable frequency, amplitude, offset, time resolution and length o Synchronized step sequencer modules added Step sequencer can be transposed and velocity-modulated by received notes, sequence can be drawn on the fly o Pianoroll-type display of arp patterns and cursor line o Envelope function for chord arpeggios with high polyphony o Latch mode or Footswitch for holding notes in arpeggio buffer o Keyboard-triggered or -restarted arpeggiator mode o Input note delay strongly reduced making QMidiArp suitable for live play o MIDI-learnable control of many live-relevant functions o MIDI realtime clock slave synchronization o JACK transport client synchronization o Event log entries are color-coded, optional MIDI Clock event display o Re-designed graphical user interface: all modules and dialogs are dockable floatable windows, main and file icon toolbars added o New .qmidiarprc file containing GUI settings, user arp patterns and last file path o Save and SaveAs functions with modification monitoring o All relevant session parameters stored in new .qmax XML session file o Manual pages in English, French and German o Handler for SIGINT added to handle unsaved or changed files more carefully at program termination. o Handler for SIGUSR1 added to provide support for LADISH level 1. o Separate threads for ALSA Sequencer Queue handler and arpeggio engine General Changes o Port form Qt3 to Qt4 library. o MIDI Channels and ALSA port id's displayed from 1...16 o On-the-fly tempo changes are disabled
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