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QueryForm Database Tool This software is Copyright (c) 1998 - 2004 David F. Glasser. All rights reserved. The file "qform-1.3c-src.zip" contains all of the Java source code needed to build version 1.3c of QueryFOrm. Building QueryForm from source is very easy, provided you have the following: 1. A Java Development Kit, version 1.3 or later. 2. The required third-party jar files, which are listed in REQUIRED_LIBRARIES.TXT, and which can be downloaded from http://qform.sourceforge.net. They should be placed in the same directory as the build.xml file. 2. Apache Ant, version 1.4.1 or later, and basic knowledge of how to use it. Look inside build.xml for the various Ant targets that can be used to compile and build QueryForm. The build-installer.xml file is a separate Ant script used to build the QueryForm installation program. It requires that the free, open source utility IzPack, version 3.5.2 or later, which is available from http://www.izforge.com, be installed on your computer, and that the "izhome" property be set inside the build-installer.xml file.
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