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v0.3.70, 21.01.2014 -- stability fixes, typo fixes, some icon-related enhancements v0.3.55, 26.10.2013 -- added widget PalEntry (see demo) reformat app options added options for app ui some ui enhancements v0.3.49, 20.09.2013 -- added module tkw_xtk for cross-version importing of tk widgets/routines v0.3.46, 10.08.2013 -- removed moving limitation except top border some bugs fixed/added v0.3.44, 01.08.2013 -- added nbselector (Notebook based) some bugs fixed/added v0.3.43, 01.07.2013 -- added new tree-tablelist controls added name options for toolgroup widget added custom named-groups in popup menu of xscrolledtext and xtablelist use locale.getprefferdencoding for export/import operations for xscrolledtext/xtablelist widgets v0.3.42, 21.06.2013 -- added new demo some bugs fixed v0.3.40, 15.06.2013 -- added color modificators in the conf.dialog for xscrolledtext v0.3.38, 13.06.2013 -- added color highlighting for child's log added childrenoverviewer - for fast travel to available child some bugs fixed v0.3.32, 04.06.2013 -- added select-all command for xscrolledtext widget added embedded log for app's children added toolbar group v0.3.25, 23.05.2013 -- some enhancements for tlreconf dialog added child logging in resource item "log" baseselector with one variant - act like messagebox user-defined variants for tl popup dialog was moved in own menu group added custom routine to end of the otms_processor v0.3.15, 16.05.2013 -- added color modificators in the conf.dialog for tablelists removed *keepsel* routines and related routines from tablelist thank to Dr. Csaba Nemethi fixed bug related with subchild closing added non-waiting toplevel in child demo (mdi) added options notebook routines to child remove quick nav.control buttons on last child closing v0.3.9, 08.05.2013 -- counter processing on moving/sizing child some xtablelist enchacments v0.3.4, 06.05.2013 -- added columns conf. dialog for tablelists v0.3.2, 30.04.2013 -- added pop-up selector thar based on menu v0.3.1, 24.04.2013 -- added quick nav buttons when child in "maximized" state v0.2.151, 10.04.2013 -- added xmessage widget, selector widget minor bug fixed v0.2.0, 23.09.2012 -- added editable tablelist widget sample, tree tablelist widget sample some ui enhancements minor bug fixed v0.1.0, 05.07.2012 -- Initial release.
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