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The Prefix WhoIs milter queries Prefix WhoIs ( by default) about the originating IP address found in the final Received or X-Originating-IP mail headers. The information that it returns may be used for greylisting, but more importantly it can be displayed in modern e-mail clients to provide some background as to the origin of the message, such as the name and location (city, country, network) of the Internet service provider originating the message.

The Prefix WhoIs milter appends e-mail headers of the form X-PWhois-Field-Name corresponding to a field in the response from Prefix WhoIs. Currently, it inserts information from the Origin-AS, AS-Org-Name, Org-Name, Net-Name, Region, Country and Country-Code Prefix WhoIs response fields.

The Prefix WhoIs milter implements a safety timeout in case of a network or Prefix WhoIs outage; if the timeout period elapses, the message passes through unaltered and without further delay. Safe to run in high-volume environments.

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