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A high-quality tool for creating stunning 3-D graphics

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POV-Ray (the Persistence of Vision Raytracer) is a high-quality tool for creating stunning 3-D graphics. It supports a number of geometric primitives and constructive solid geometry; several kinds of light sources; atmospheric effects such as fog, smoke, and clouds; and reflections, refractions, and surface patterns. You can also find a large number of third-party tools, textures, models, scenes, and tutorials on the Web.

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  • Easy to use scene description language.
  • Large library of stunning example scene files.
  • Standard include files that predefine many shapes, colors, and textures.
  • Very high quality output image files (up to 48 bit color).
  • 16 and 24 bit color display on many computer platforms using appropriate hardware.
  • Create landscapes using smoothed height fields.
  • Many camera types, including perspective, orthographic, fisheye, and more.
  • Spotlights, cylindrical lights, and area lights for sophisticated lighting.
  • Photons for realistic, reflected, and refracted caustics. Photons also interact with media.
  • Phong and specular highlighting for more realistic looking surfaces.
  • Atmospheric effects like atmosphere, ground fog, and rainbows.
  • Particle media to model effects like clouds, dust, fire, and steam.
  • Several image file output formats including Targa, BMP (Windows only), PNG, and PPM.
  • Basic shape primitives such as spheres, boxes, quadrics, cylinders, cones, triangles, and planes.
  • Advanced shape primitives such as tori (donuts), bezier patches, height fields, blobs, quartics, smooth triangles, text, superquadrics, surfaces of revolution, prisms, polygons, lathes, fractals, isosurfaces, and the parametric object.
  • Display preview of image while rendering (not available on all platforms).
  • Halt and save a render part way through, and continue rendering the halted partial render later.


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