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xTuple ERP: PostBooks Edition, Installer version 3.6.0 ======================================================== The PostBooks Edition of xTuple ERP is a free and open source accounting, CRM, and ERP solution. The PostBooks installers for Linux, Windows and Mac are designed to make it easy for users to evaluate xTuple ERP. (Linux users please see additional note below.) The xTuple installers include the xTuple graphical client, the PostgreSQL database, and several xTuple tools. You can see the full list of components below: * xTuple GUI 3.6.0 * PostgreSQL 8.4.5 * CSVImp 0.4.3 * OpenRPT 3.2.1 * Updater 2.2.3 During the installation, you have the option to install up to three sample xTuple database schemas, which can be loaded into your PostgreSQL database: * Empty: This is a completely empty database with no data. Recommended for advanced users who have completed xTuple training. * Quickstart: Contains a basic Chart of Accounts, and certain other basic configuration settings required to operate - but still no data for Items, Customers, etc. * Demo: A sample working database for a fictional electronics company, built on top of the Quickstart database. There is an administrative user created by default when you install xTuple and the PostgreSQL database. You may login with the following credentials: Username: admin Password: admin Please note: This database is configured by default for local access only. If you wish to allow other users to connect, you will need to modify certain PostgreSQL configuration files. Please contact xTuple for assistance, or consult the community website. You will also want to change the admin user password. Linux users: On Linux/Unix, you need to make the file executable in order to run it. You can either do this with your desktop's file manager or, at the command line, type: chmod u+x xTuple-3.6.0-linux-installer.bin You should now be able to execute the file as normal. You can do this from the command line by typing: sudo ./xTuple-3.6.0-linux-installer.bin Thank you for your interest in xTuple ERP!
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