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A tool for managing digital photos.

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Are you taking a lot of digital photos and never have enough time to look at each one of them carefully, or are you managing these pictures poorly so that you create many copies of identical photos? PictureFilter is a simple tool that helps you to find similar pictures by name, file size, and date time at which the picture is taken. And then you can remove the duplicated pictures in one click. You can also look into the EXIF info easily with this tool. and you can also easily copy, resize and save picture(s) to create a album. Right click on the main image view to bring the context menu. Enjoy and give me your comments!

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  • Load all images (*.jpg, *.gif, *.bmp, *.png) in a folder (sub-folder included)..
  • Find similar images base on the image file name.
  • Find similar images base on the image file size.
  • Find similar images base on when the image is taken (if available as EXIF Data).
  • View EXIF data of the image.
  • Select and remove duplicated files.
  • copy all images or a single image into a different folder
  • resize all images or a single and save into a different folder
  • Sort images based on file name, file size or imaged taken date time.
  • Thumbnail browser
  • Face/object (Haar cascade based) detection
  • Find similar images based on Histogram / Pixels
  • resizable Image viewer with scaling and pan functions.
  • Geo-tagging for digital photos
  • Reload your last opened picture directory very fast.

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The FreeMIS project is an Open Source, web based, Management Information System for high schools. It has recently been ported to the new Ruby on Rails web development framework. Initially the development will focus on the requirements of UK schools.

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