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The Platform Initialization Self-Certification Test(pi-sct) project has source for exercisersizing interfaces in a platform and verifies compatibility to the PI specification with specific tests on PEI and DXE Foundations from PI Spec on UEFI

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  • kathirk-93
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    I ran this PI SCT on BayTrail platform and I am getting six error in SmmBase2 protocol test. In PI_SCT tool, SmmBase2BbTestDriver is a DXE_SMM_DRIVER which locates the EFI_SMM_BASE2_PROTOCOL and installs six different protocols based some condition. In PI_SCT tool, SmmBase2BbTest is a BS_DRIVER which is trying to locate the protocols which are installed by SmmBase2BbTestDriver and returns EFI_NOT_FOUND for all of those six protocol that causes those six errors in PI_SCT. I found that SmmBase2BbTestDriver was not dispatched, so those protocol were not installed but SmmBase2BbTest got dispatched and returned those errors. Why PI SCT did not execute the SmmBase2BbTestDriver ? And I am getting two more errors in ACPI SDT Protocol Test, those two errors mentioned below. Test case: EFI_ACPI_SDT_PROTOCOL.Close -It should EFI_SUCCESS,and the checksum should be changed. j:\pisctdev\PiSctPkg\TestCase\PI\DXE\Protocol\AcpiSdt\BlackBoxTest\AcpiSdtBBTestFunction.c:836:Status - Success Checksum = 22, AcpiTableBuffer->Checksum = 22 Observation: It seems that PISCT tool gets a wrong table to compare the checksum. GetAcpiTable_Conf: EFI_ACPI_SDT_PROTOCOL.GetAcpiTable -it should returns EFI_NOT_FOUND, when a table was not found. j:\pisctdev\PiSctPkg\TestCase\PI\DXE\Protocol\AcpiSdt\BlackBoxTest\AcpiSdtBBTestConformance.c:190:Status - Success Observation: PI SCT tool installs an ACPI table and removes the same table using TableKey and it expects that EFI_NOT_FOUND status should be returned which means it assumes that there is no other ACPI tables in the system. It is an wrong assumption. I think, PI SCT tool generates those eight errors by checking invalid conditions. Is there any way to fix those conditions on PI SCT tool? Please give your suggestion about this?

    Posted 09/18/2015
  • krishz11
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    Hi, I tried to run PI SCT in EDK II Shell but it returns a error message as "InitShellApp: Application not started from Shell". But tool is working in EDK I Shell. Does this error message means PI SCT is developed based on EDK I shell and it is not compatible to EDK II Shell. Please confirm this.

    Posted 07/11/2015
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