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Booked (formerly phpScheduleIt)

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Booked 2014-01-25 689689 weekly downloads
phpScheduleIt 2013-03-02 2323 weekly downloads 2014-09-25 5.2 kB 44 weekly downloads


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Release Notes


  • Added schedule and resource filter to My Calendar
  • Fixed bug displaying week in calendar views
  • Reduced the size of the bookings page by ~35%
  • Updated German language files
  • Updated Japanese language files
  • Updated Portuguese language files


  • Fixed potential XSS vulnerability on login page


  • Fixed problem navigating to reservation details from tall schedule view
  • Fixed problem rendering resource group management page


  • Fixed problem updating plugin config files through UI
  • Fixed date parsing in web services


  • Fixed error updating resources


  • Fixed manage reservations/resources custom attribute filter when multiple attributes are provided
  • Fixed javascript error when recaptcha is disabled during registration
  • Fixed error updating usage configuration of resources
  • Fixed installer to handle the case when the database exists but no tables have been created
  • Changed installer to use mysqli
  • Fixed error filtering blackouts by resource
  • Fixed error creating recurring reservation which sometimes picked the wrong week of the month


  • Added ability for admins to filter reservations by custom attributes
  • Added ability for admins update reservation custom attributes inline on manage reservations page
  • Added paging and filtering on Manage Resources
  • Added bulk update on Manage Resources
  • Added admin dashboard for all upcoming reservations
  • Added ability to leave protocol off script.url setting to auto-detect http vs https
  • Fixed bug failing to display error message when invalid daily layout is being created
  • Fixed missing HTML tags on print report page
  • Added Croatian translation
  • Updated Czech translation
  • Fixed overly restrictive password validator
  • Changed reservation confirmation screen to notify when the reservation requires approval
  • Updates to Italian language pack


  • Updated German language files
  • Changed reservations web service to not default to current user if no user is provided
  • Added resource availability web service
  • Added reservation approval web service
  • Fixed bug creating a opening new reservation window without a selected resource id
  • Fixed bug where reservations ending at midnight would show on the next day for condensed view
  • Fixed bug where role restricted pages could not be opened up to everyone
  • Fixed bug when a hidden resource belongs to a group
  • Fixed bug with schedule admin being able to see reservation list and see blackout list
  • Fixed bug where readonly schedule page failed to render
  • Fixed bug adding/removing resource images
  • Fixed sample data import
  • Cleaned up sample post-reservation plugin example


  • Application renamed from phpScheduleIt to Booked Scheduler (why?)
  • Added ability to reserve resource groups
  • Added ability to filter schedule resources
  • Added ability to specify resource type
  • Added enhanced resource status management
  • Added ability to specify buffer time between reservations (per resource)
  • Custom attributes now appear on all reservation emails and balloons
  • Added ability set custom attributes for an individual resource, user or resource type
  • Added ability manage config files for all plugins through the UI
  • Added ability to set reservation colors per user
  • Added ability to subscribe to reservation Atom feeds
  • Added ability update blackouts
  • Added ability attach multiple items to a reservation
  • Added Shibboleth authentication plugin (thank you to the folks at UCSF)
  • Added ability to email admin for all new account creations
  • Updates and cleanup on the API
  • Removed password regex setting in favor of password complexity settings
  • Changed schedule drop downs to exclude schedules if the user does not have permission to any of the resources belonging to it
  • Added wide and condensed booking page views
  • Added option to allow all users access to reports
  • Added setting for default 'from' email address
  • Changed the reservation page to default to the minimum resource reservation time
  • Changed reservation update to grant permissions to all users if auto-assign permissions is being turned on
  • Fixed showing 'Private' when the current user is the reservation owner
  • Fixed bug where recurring reservations across daylight savings time boundaries were not being updated to the correct time
  • Fixed bug where schedule would freeze on certain daylight savings boundaries
  • Fixed pagination bug on manage reservations page
  • Fixed bug allowing invitees to join a reservation that was already at capacity
  • Fixed bug not enforcing resource cross day reservation constraint
  • Fixed bug where quota rules were being enforced cumulatively for resources on a schedule
  • Fixed bug where reminders were being sent for deleted reservations
  • Updated all mysql_ calls to mysqli_
  • Numerous other minor fixes and updates
Source:, updated 2014-09-25