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kiss_engine_1.0.0N.zip 2012-04-26 2.3 MB 11 weekly downloads
readme.txt 2012-04-26 3.7 kB 44 weekly downloads
k2_portal_engine_1.0.0k.zip 2011-12-23 2.7 MB 11 weekly downloads
kiss_engine_1.0.0j.zip 2011-11-13 2.8 MB 11 weekly downloads
kiss_engine_2.0.0H.zip 2011-09-27 2.3 MB 11 weekly downloads
kiss_engine_2.0.0E.zip 2011-07-08 2.3 MB 11 weekly downloads
kiss_engine_2.0.0D.zip 2011-06-07 2.5 MB 11 weekly downloads
k2_phoenix_c.zip 2011-05-11 2.6 MB 11 weekly downloads
kiss_engine_2.0.0B.zip 2011-04-18 2.9 MB 11 weekly downloads
kiss_engine_2.0.0.zip 2011-04-13 2.8 MB 11 weekly downloads
Kiss II Engine (basic Stargate Portal with no frills)... Releases: (ordered by release date, most recent last). ------------------------------------------------------ kiss_engine_2.0.0.zip no subsilver2 install: kiss_engine_2.0.0B.zip subsilver2 install xml added. kiss_engine_2.0.0C.zip no more tables ;) kiss_engine_2.0.0D.zip mod validation fixes added. kiss_engine_2.0.0E.zip mod validation fixes added. kiss_engine_2.0.0H.zip mod validation fixes added. kiss_engine_1.0.0J (note version number reset version to 1.0.0). kiss_engine_1.0.0K.zip kiss_engine_1.0.0L.zip kiss_engine_1.0.0M.zip kiss_engine_1.0.0N.zip Details: (most recent release first, please note version number reset to 1.0.0 13 November 2011). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update: 1.0.0N Allow admin to reset all user block layouts... Fixed potential vulnerability in one file... Block reindexing is now automatic... Updates: 1.0.0J Added validation fixes... Added javascript to support open in TAB improved css for arrange blocks... Added olympus style... Updates: 2.0.0H Removed more HTML parsing from php files... Improved some javascript code... Replaced hardcoded vars from constants file... Default logo now uses phpBB logo (in png format, located in the style logo folder)... Version 2.0.0G Javascript Files (mod validation and updates): Moved scripts into appropriate sub-directories... Removed unnecessary scripts... Updated remaining javascript files... CSS/HTML updates: Removed the change width (wide/fixed) icon, code and script... This will be replaced with a styles mod later... Version 2.0.0F Updated to phpBB 3.0.9 Mod validation updates: Removed all phpBB core function duplication Removed some more js files Updated jQuery to latest version Additional errors fixed. Updates: 2.0.0E Fixed XHTML errors Other minor changes and fixes... Updates: 2.0.0D Corrected one potential bug (if portal is disabled and you browse to portal.php)... Fixed all prosilver HTML validation issues, now 100% strict compliant... Will update subsilver in next version... Other minor fixes... Updates: 2.0.0C Remove the need to browse to portal/index.php by added link in Automod... Removed the table used to layout left, centre and right blocks... As we now use divs, previous styles will need tweaking... All portal style images are now in their own folders... Removed the need to edits existing language file by placing all portal variables in their own language files... The Basics: If you want to be able to control exactly what's installed in the default portal setup, then the Kiss II release is for you... This package contains the basic Stargate Portal including the basic blocks but no additional mods... It is an ideal starting point for those who require all the functionality Stargate offers but also want to control exactly what gets added... You still get the Stargate Portal but without the frills... We have removed all unnecessary blocks, minimods/mods and web page code to produce a simplified version you can add to at your leisure... Blocks: You can add additional block by simply uploading the block code... these are available automatically... Mods/Minimods: In time we will provide all the functionality available in the main release including all previous mods (Web Pages, Youtube etc.)... These will be provided as Minimods and will include all the necessary code to aid installation... Will add a list of mods (mini-mods) under construction in next update...
Source: readme.txt, updated 2012-04-26